When The Newsies Are The News

     Sometimes what the “journalists” are doing is just as important as what they’ve been “reporting.” Now might be such a time.

     The tweet referenced below embeds a clip everyone ought to view: two solid minutes of American media doing their damnedest to paint Giorgia Meloni, the probable next prime minister of Italy, as a fascist in the line of Benito Mussolini. That’s what the media do to anyone their Establishment paymasters view as a threat to their hegemony. Remember all the “walls are closing in / beginning of the end” rhetoric about Donald Trump when he was in the Oval Office?

     The possibility that Trump might be returned to the White House has them terrified enough to rant about changing the Constitution to prevent it. Read the column if you like; it’s so vile that I can’t bring myself to excerpt it.

     Now Meloni is under the media’s crosshairs – and for the same reason. Nina Bookout has some choice snippets for us. Hie thee hence and savor them.

     Anyone who attracts that much slander and vilification, from that uniform a set of media sources, is someone to watch. Bravo to Italy for choosing her. Guard her carefully, Italians. Your country has demonstrated a propensity for disposing of threats to the Way Things Are in a rather definite fashion.

     But wait: there’s more! Concurrently with the media’s assault on any political figure to the right of Stalin, their “eyeball counts” are dropping precipitously. Former “big names” are being nudged out of their perches and relocated to second or third-echelon outlets. New top managements are being installed in hope of stopping the slide, but so far to no perceptible effect. Among American residences, the “cord-cutting” trend is as healthy as ever.

     You can smell the media’s panic. Giorgia Meloni isn’t panicking. Neither is Donald Trump.

     I don’t want to oversell this. It’s a hopeful sign, but by no means conclusive. The Establishment has many tools at its disposal. I doubt we’ve seen the whole arsenal yet.

     One final note: It’s becoming too obvious to conceal that as regards specific issues, the elephant in the room is the invasion of Western countries by hordes of illegal aliens from cultures hostile to ours. Meloni and Trump are strident in opposition to the trend, as is France’s Marine le Pen. Viktor Orban has made his nation the envy of Europe by forcefully restricting immigration to Hungary. Orban, like Meloni, is fearless about his intention to protect his nation’s culture and traditions…for which the Eurocrats despise him.

     Illegal immigration brings crime in its train. The connection can no longer be obscured. It’s the key political issue of the century…but the media are utterly silent about it.

     Keep a close watch on the media: whom they target, how consistently, and in what sort of rhetoric. Correlate the frequency and fury of their assaults with their own rise or fall, both as individuals and as institutions. It will tell you much you need to know.

     Stay alert. Stay focused. And pray.


  1. The global uniparty must alter the image of Emmanual Goldstein to fit the leader of any nation rebelling against their rule. In America it is DJT.

  2. It’s true, the Left is in extremis.
    However, a dying animal can do a LOT of damage.

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