After the Election – the Hangover

People (including me) were beginning to get excited about the midterm election. The results, although not uniformly bad, were disappointing.

In my state, Ohio, Vance did manage to pull off a bit of a long-shot. That really didn’t surprise me – Ohioians tend to be more grounded in reality than many states.

PA was a bit of a surprise. It had to be Philly and other Democrat-controlled cities that tipped it. That, and – perhaps – some xenophobic suspicion of political newcomer Dr. Oz. His Turkish dual citizenship is fairly well known, but not the fact that he is a Muslim. It shouldn’t be long before Fetterman bows out, to be replaced by his wife or some other reliable toady.

The House is still in contention. It will likely become a hard-fought battle for party control. So far, the GOP is ahead. They only need to add another 19 seats to gain control (although, with the remaining RINOs we still have in office, we really do need a bigger margin). That will likely be a battle for the courts. Expect accusations of Voter Fraud, and counter-accusations of Voter Suppression.

Same Old, Same Old.

Revolutions don’t occur on a national level, or even a regional level. They are sparked by LOCAL events. If you are not involved in your community at present, make it a priority. You need to circulate and socialize (the very thought makes my skin itch). If you’ve never read it, I’d suggest reading The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell. In that book, Gladwell uses the example of the American Revolution to bolster his point – that a very few people, with certain special skills, can bring about dramatic change.

However, that change won’t happen quickly. There will be long periods when the effort seems wasted. There will be those allies that beome disgusted with the slow pace of change, and quit. There will be those whose efforts seemingly bear no fruit.

One of the 3 essential types that will assist in reaching the Tipping Point is the Connector. That’s the person who seems to know everyone, and who might be the right person to contact to provide some essential service.

Paul Revere was, according to Gladwell, a Connector. As the owner of established businesses – a smithy, a tavern, an engraving business – and as a well-known community volunteer and associate with most of the founding fathers in the Boston area, he was well suited to know who to contact on his famous ride to warn of British forces approaching.

The thing is, he spent more of his time listening to other people, than in promoting himself. Because of this, he knew who might have munitions or weapons, who could round up others for resistance, who was influential in his community. He didn’t just bang on random doors – he targeted his efforts. And, because of his long history with others in Colonial society, he had credibility.

That’s what Dr. Oz, and many others who didn’t win in the midterms, didn’t have. He was FAMOUS, which is not the same thing as embedded in Pennsylvania life. He was seen as an outsider, which Fetterman was not. Fetterman may be ga-ga, but he is a local. That counts for a lot with many people. Keep in mind, they weren’t looking to be impressed with degrees and accomplishments. They were looking to someone whose actions might be predictable. If people don’t feel that they really know you, you’re a loose cannon.

And, that’s the handicap that Dr. Oz coudn’t overcome. All his familiarity on TV and other media couldn’t overcome the fact that he was not a native PA resident.

It’s the races for governor that are still within the margin of error that concern me. The GOP better have some good teams of lawyers on the ground, or it’s over. However, the GOP did manage to flip a few states, so that’s comforting.

So, what does this all mean?

Not as much as you might think. The major action in the future will be at the state level and below. De Santis is a good example of what a difference that can make in the lives of those state residents. More job opportunities, lower crime, gradual movement towards building up the state party – that’s the wave of the future.

I have little hope that a miracle will occur between now and 2024. If the GOP does put Trump forward as a candidate, it may bring out the crazies – on BOTH sides. His experience in office exposed his weak spots. The most important failure he had was in digging out the Deep State holdovers. I doubt re-electing him will change anything in that area, which means that any changes he proposes will be resisted with all the force of a recalcitrant, entrenched opposition. He will either become ineffectual, or – once again – impeached.

My plan:

  • Live frugally – don’t use credit cards if avoidable, put away some supplies/money/tradables for emergencies, pay off cars and house, if able.
  • Given a choice between weatherproofing your home, and leaving that money in investments, use the money while it’s worth something.
  • Get in the best physical condition you can. Repair what you can – you don’t want to be at a health plan’s mercy, should your social credit affect your access to health care. If you can, put some meds in a stockpile against any future shortages.
  • Get to know the locals – neighbors, businesses, politicians, first responders. Participate in local events, and donate when you can. Know who can be trusted, and who is a weasely little tool. Get in the habit of doing for others, even if they haven’t the ability to help you in return. Don’t be a sucker – your aim isn’t to be the first line of defense for those who are too lazy to help themselves. But, make sure that the truly vulnerable – the elderly, the handicapped, the struggling families – don’t face crisis without some help.
  • Spend time listening. More time then you spend talking (this is tough for me, as it is for many). Your goal is to be an information gatherer. If you really can’t manage this, delegate the task to another – spouse, neighbor, friend. Someone should, if the situation requires it, be aware of what problems/resources are nearby.


    • Dan on November 9, 2022 at 2:27 PM

    As I predicted the “red wave” was effectively flattened by the lefts well entrenched, well protected cheating machine.  A handful of GOP candidates were able to overcome the margin of cheat.  Most could not.  And the !eft will once again get away with these blatant crimes and some of them will even brag about it.   America is dead.  The corpse is presided over by career criminals busy looting the Treasury.  When there is no more wealth to loot they will turn their malignant eyes on the people and start stealing from them DIRECTLY while killing and imprisoning any who oppose them.  We now face a choice.  Civil war 2.0 or abject slavery.   The “system” is NOT broken.  It was deliberately built this way.

    • 21stCenturyCassandra on November 10, 2022 at 6:08 AM

    Very insightful post, Linda. I read The Tipping Point years ago, but didn’t remember the bit about Paul Revere. I think that a couple of big negatives for Dr. Oz were not so much his Muslim faith, but that he had retained Turkish citizenship. But the big negative is that the Donks were able to paint him as a carpetbagger.
    My pothead sister, who I love dearly but is dumb as a stump, tried to paint Herschel Walker with the same brush. She didn’t like it when I pointed out that Walker was born and raised in Georgia, including a stellar college football career at the University of Georgia. I told her that Herschel wasn’t “carpetbagging”, more that he was coming home. I also reminded her that I left home after school to serve in the Army, lived in Texas, then Wisconsin, then Texas again until moving back to my home state 4 years ago after a bitter divorce. I asked her “Does that make me a carpetbagger?” She didn’t like that much, but shut up. 

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