From the “Questions No One Is Asking” division:

FWP: What do you think would happen if a jug band were to appear for a scheduled concert without its jug? Say if it was broken in an accident on the way over?
CSO: Horror of horrors!

FWP: Well, yes, but would the show go on? Would the jug player try to borrow a jug from someone in the audience?
CSO: I don’t think so. A jug player’s instrument is special to him. It’s a very intimate relationship.

FWP: Well, what then?
CSO: He’d have to wing it a capella. (Pantomimes puffing into an “invisible jug.”)

FWP: Which suggests that there’s worse possible. The jug might have come through the accident okay, but the jug player might not!
CSO: Jaw wired shut, maybe?

FWP: That would do it. Of course, there would be volunteers from the audience to “pinch hit” for him.
CSO: But what are the odds that a stand-in would know all the band’s tunes?
FWP: Hmm, not good.

     And a happy First Sunday of Advent to you!