It’s Not News…

     …but at least someone else is willing to say it:

     One overriding principle of the new Democratic Party is asymmetry—or the notion that the Left’s moral superiority earns absolute exemption from the very methods they employ against their opponents.

     You would think that in a nation in which fairness is one of the most commonly heard evaluations of…well, of anything, this would be top-of-the-charts ranting and raving material. But there I go again, expecting people to be logical.

     I recall a David Frost interview with Richard Nixon, shortly after his resignation from office, in which Nixon tried to argue that for the president to do what he had done concerning the Watergate burglary was not a crime. The luminaries of the Left jumped on that with both feet. But their braying wasn’t in support of the old principle that “no one is above the law.” It was merely tactical. They’d bagged him, and they weren’t about to let the nation forget it.

     To the Left, nothing matters but power. Never forget it.

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