Questioning The Timing

     Remember that delightful phrase “I question the timing?” The Democrats trotted it out repeatedly, back when. It was the predecessor to several of their current rhetorical tropes, most important among them the tu quoque parry they use so frequently today. Unfortunately for them, their ability to “tu quoquify” a Republican has collapsed to a single, ever more resilient target. In consequence, it’s stopped working for them.

     Note, by the way, how “questioning the timing” is never applied in reverse. Why not? Why shouldn’t we wonder whether some infamies perpetrated against figures in the Right aren’t just “battlespace preparation” for attacks anticipated on persons on the Left – that is, attacks that haven’t yet occurred but are easily foreseeable?

     The most blatant candidate for such timing-questioning is the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, the home of former President Donald Trump. It developed that the raid found absolutely nothing which President Trump was not entitled to have in his possession. Moreover, the backdrop of the raid was suggestive and more, for the National Archives was aware that President Trump had secured document storage. Indeed, well before the raid the Archives had requested that he change the lock on that storage, and Trump had complied.

     Is it plausible that the Mar-A-Lago raid was carried out specifically to undergird a tu quoque defense of Joe Biden and the classified documents he pilfered while a U.S. Senator and Vice President? Considering how many people appear to have known about the Biden document hoards well in advance of the public announcement of them, is it more likely than not?

     Just a little something to chew over with your Cheerios®.


  1. They don’t care a bit about protecting Biden – this is about:

    Getting rid of him without having to admit he’s senile
    Getting that “1st Woman President” checkbox filled – and with 2 years to find reasons to keep her off the ticket – wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find out that they’ve already got the documentation ready
    Allowing them, with Biden out, to keep the House from impeaching Biden
    Keeping a semi-lid on the OTHER Biden scandals – “That’s OLD news, you’re just persecuting the rest of the family”
    Clearing the decks for HRC – Michelle won’t run, she’s too lazy and apt to shoot her mouth off

    And, do you know what?

    IDC. Let them do their worst, on the Constitution AND the economy. I’m done.

    • Dan on January 24, 2023 at 10:08 PM

    As FDR told us…. Nothing in politics is accidental.  If it happens it’s intended.

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