Laws For Thee But Not For Me

     It seems to be a plague.

     Does any member of the political Establishment believe that the laws apply just as strongly to him as to us peones? I ask because the evidence is against it:

     Great God in heaven! Will there be no end to this farce? To add insult to injury – we’ll get to the exact nature of the injury in a moment – President Trump wants Pence to get off:

     If the best president since Calvin Coolidge won’t insist that the law binds us all equally, what highly placed person can we trust? Who in a position of power and privilege will say that the law applies just as much to him as to anyone else?

     I know what would have happened to me had I done what Mike Pence and Joe Biden did. If there’s some provision in the National Security Act or the Espionage Act that grants them immunity from those laws, I want to see it in black and white.

     America, we hardly knew ye.