Yeah, Right

     Are we really expected to believe this?

     A former Las Vegas Judge committed suicide a year after she resigned from her position after facing an ethics investigation.
     Per the Clark County coroner’s office, Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

     Here’s what happened, in chronological sequence:

  1. Andress-Tobiasson’s sixteen-year-old daughter took a job at TopKnotch, which she suspected of being involved in child sex trafficking.
  2. Andress-Tobiasson reaches out to local law enforcement to warn them about the store owner.
  3. Local law enforcement fails to act.
  4. Andress-Tobiasson then contacts the FBI.
  5. The Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission launches an investigation into Andress-Tobiasson for “breaching judicial rules.”
  6. Andress-Tobiasson resigns her position on the judicial bench.
  7. A year later, Andress-Tobiasson commits suicide.

     Oh, sure. And I’ve got a lovely bridge over Lake Tucson you can have for a song.

     I’d bet Andress-Tobiasson’s “suicide” was of this sort:

     …but without the Jeremy Renner character.

     They really think we’ll believe whatever they say, don’t they?