Feminist Tactics

     Beware, Gentle Reader. There’s one set of rules for men, and another for women:

     A Google executive claims he was booted by the tech giant for rejecting a high-ranking female colleague’s grabby advances at a posh company dinner.

     Ryan Olohan, 48, accuses Google of firing him after one its top executives, Tiffany Miller, groped him at a Chelsea restaurant in December 2019 and told him she knew he liked Asian women — which Miller is, according to a blockbuster November federal lawsuit filed in Manhattan.

     Miller, director of Google’s programmatic media, rubbed Olohan’s abs, complimented his physique, and told him her marriage lacked “spice,” according to court papers.

     The alleged hands-on encounter unfolded during a drunken company gathering at Fig & Olive on West 13th Street shortly after Olohan was promoted to managing director of food, beverages, and restaurants and joined a new management team that included Miller in Google’s Manhattan offices, according to the lawsuit….

     Olohan said he reported the issue to Google’s human resources department the following week, but nothing ever came of the complaint.

     Ah, but something did come of it, eventually:

     Olohan claims Miller began retaliating against him after he made the complaint by criticizing him and reporting him to human resources for “microaggressions,” although the complaint does not specify what Miller accused him of.

     The retaliation allegedly continued at a Google-hosted event in December 2021 where Miller drunkenly admonished Olohan in front of his colleagues. The rancor was so bad that colleagues encouraged Miller to move to the other end of the table, according to the lawsuit.

     Miller later apologized and “although Google was aware that Miller’s continued harassment of Olohan stemmed from his rejection of her sexual advances, it again took no action,” the suit claims.

     Miller drunkenly berated Olohan yet again during a company get-together at a karaoke bar in April 2022, where she mocked him upon arrival and reiterated that she knew he preferred Asian women over white women — knowing that Olohan’s wife is Asian, according to court papers.

     Given the dominance of HR departments nationwide by women – and feminist women, at that – men have no defense against this sort of assault except to avoid all women at all times. Even then, without a videorecorded biography of one’s whole life, a vindictive woman can fabricate accusations and press them home with the assistance of her sisters.

     Who was it who said “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” I’d like to buy him a drink.


    • Groman on January 31, 2023 at 8:50 AM

    Many years ago I worked as an assistant service manager  at a high line auto dealer on L.I. A couple had purchased a used vehicle from us that had been through the shop and certified to the manufacturer standard for used vehicles with an extended warranty by the manufacturer. A few days after delivery the wife returned with a laundry list of complaints. We went through the list and could only verify one item. After making the adjustment and delivering the car back to her, she again returned with another list. I was asked to go on a road test with her to verify her complaints. Long story short, we did not verify any. We decided to give her a loaner vehicle and I promised we would go through the entire vehicle one more time. A short time later I was called to the office of the owner of the dealership where I was told that her husband had just spoken with the owner demanding that I be fired. The woman claimed that during the road test I had offered that in exchange for a sexual favor I would make sure that her car was like brand new. It ended with a private investigator putting me through a lie detector test in order to affirm my innocence and keep my job. Thereafter I  went on road tests with a customer only if there was a third person in the car.

  1. Sad to say, there are too many women for whom truth is a flexible and accommodating concept. Many hold to the idea that there is a “YOUR Truth” and “MY Truth”, but no objective truth.

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