First Thought Of The Day

     In Eric Drexler’s seminal Engines of Creation, the first book for laymen about the promise and perils of nanotechnology, he writes:

     States have needed people as workers because human labor has been the necessary foundation of power. What is more, genocide has been expensive and troublesome to organize and execute. Yet, in this century totalitarian states have slaughtered their citizens by the millions. Advanced technology will make workers unnecessary and genocide easy. History suggests that totalitarian states may then eliminate people wholesale. There is some consolation in this. It seems likely that a state willing and able to enslave us biologically would instead simply kill us.

     Now have a look at these two captures, courtesy of Western Rifle Shooters:

     Scared yet?


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  1. Screen capture of an old, short post at Pascal's Blog.

    I cannot speak for you Fran, but does get tiresome to see so many finally catching on to what we’ve been providing — for decades — evidence to support their current recognition. Were it not for my faith I’d fear the few who have awakened had done so too late. I suspect you have a similar feeling; witness your final question. I still don’t expect you’ll get many answers.

    • Dan on February 8, 2023 at 10:46 AM

    They mean to eradicate as much as 90% of us.  And they aren’t even trying to hide that fact.

    1. LOL. Hey Dan. Did JP Sears crib his latest title from you?

  2. Do the Death Cults keep getting more brazen because we are merely a national audience rather than a nation of citizens?

    This is what Democrats were wearing instead of a flag pin at the SOTU: I heart abortion.
    The O in abortion is replaced by a heart.

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