I’ve ranted more than once about the usefulness of a steadily centralizing economy to those who desire total power over us. I trust the point was not lost on my Gentle Readers. However, it remains easy to miss the indications of political control over one’s workplace, so here’s a nice fresh one:

     A Christian nurse was suspended from a NHS certification program after she said “being white doesn’t make you racist.”
     Amy Gallagher said the harassment and bullying by the woke staff left her with crippling anxiety.
     The lecturers at the NHS in Britain also taught that Christianity is responsible for racism because “it’s European.”

     Britain’s National Health Service is a perfect example of what happens to medicine when the State seizes it and decrees how it shall be provided. Be aware that this is the model of what the Left wants to impose on Americans. Be further aware that it also exists in Canada, which accounts for the thousands of Canadians who’ve streamed across our northern border in search of a competent and available doctor.

     At any rate, the British NHS not only decrees who shall receive medical care, when, and on what terms, but also what its employees are permitted to say:

     Lecturers at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust told her ‘whites don’t understand the world’ and ‘Christianity is responsible for racism because it’s European’ in a series of ‘politically biased’ talks.
     One of the Tavistock’s seminars was even called ‘Whiteness — a problem for our time’ and included a description on the Trust’s website that ‘the problem of racism is a problem of whiteness’.
     When Amy challenged these controversial views she was ‘bullied’ by staff and suspended from the course, pending an investigation into whether she is safe to work with patients.

     It’s not quite that bad in the U.S. today, but it’s getting there. And it becomes ever more dominant as the large employers come to dominate an ever-expanding percentage of the workforce. The larger a company becomes, the more tempting a target it becomes to the SJWs and the assorted components of the Left’s alliance.

     I’m not going to repeat myself about the wherefores. Either you’ve been paying attention or you haven’t. These are the fruits. Scott Adams’s advice to “diversify your employer” has never been more imperative. If it’s all feasible, consider working for yourself and contracting with temporary employers as the opportunities arise.

     I’ll be back later with something else. It’s time for a grocery run.

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  1. And, that, in a nutshell, is why I retired when I did (combination of 2 different state retirement systems, one Northern, one Southern, Social Security, and some TSA’s), and currently supplement with my Medicare insurance sales – with DIFFERENT companies.

    AND, I am currently working on reducing our debt load, enlarging our garden, stocking food, medicine, and other supplies, and helping others in our family to do the same. I’m out of town now, and, when I get back, will get back to work on helping friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.

    I’m not expecting a Total, Immediate Collapse. Rather an erosion, followed by panic, followed by adjustment. Lather, rinse, repeat. For a LONG time.

    We can’t stop our society from winding down. All we can do is pass along the skills, culture, and attitude to help the next generation – or the one after that – re-build on firmer foundations. Remember The Selden Plan? The Collapse WAS going to happen. What WAS possible was to shorten the length before the next re-build.

    BTW, I HATED the last of the series. The idea that subsuming oneself into the mind of the ‘Greater Gaia’ was the answer.


    The individual Homo Sapiens – Thinking MAN, not MEN – is God’s Design. Personal Responsibility, Personal Choice. We may be led by Patriarchs – Flawed Patriarchs – but the bulk of the effort is Individual, not Group.

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