The Coverups Have Failed

     …and the attempts to silence those who know the truth have become supremely frenzied.

     Good morning, Gentle Reader. I have a slew of things to deal with today, and must soon turn back to them, but the following three stories strike me as imperative to publicize, despite Liberty’s Torch’s modest readership:

     The many malfeasances of the Democrats, especially those in the Usurper Administration, can no longer be concealed. They’ve lied. They’ve cheated. They’ve brutalized patriotic Americans. They’ve prosecuted men for their politics. They’ve stolen, stolen, stolen until the magnitude of the theft exceeds that of all the gangsters and crime lords in history added together. They’ve done everything except hand the keys to the U.S. Treasury to Volodymyr Zelenskyy. But there is something they refuse to abide: they don’t want anyone with a media perch to tell us – as if we really need to be told – that we’ve been right all along about them, and to show us the evidence.

     The Usurper Regime must come down at once. Moreover, the Democrat Party has become wholly corrupt and must be eliminated as a political force of importance. There is no more time to wait.