The Moral “Should” Be “Obvious”

     I receive a daily newsletter called The Pour Over. It bills itself as news from a Christian perspective, and that’s exactly what it is. The stories are interleaved with bits of Scripture and related wisdom. It makes quite a contrast with the offerings of “secular” media, which are effectively value-free these days. I find it refreshing.

     Here’s a little something from the edition I’ve just received:

     Nashville School Shooting

     Three nine-year-old students and three faculty members at a private Christian school in Nashville were killed Monday.
     According to Nashville police, the 28-year-old shooter, who “was assigned female at birth” and used “male pronouns on a social media profile,” is believed to be a former student. The assailant, carrying three legally purchased firearms, entered by shooting through the school’s locked doors.
     While the motive is unknown, it was clearly a targeted and calculated attack. Police say more firearms purchased by the shooter were found along with a map of the school, a detailed attack route, and plans for additional attacks.
     Police have been praised for their swift response, which prevented those additional attacks; 14 minutes after receiving the “active shooter” call, responding officers shot and killed the assailant.

     The above report, summarized from a Reuters report, compresses quite a great deal of vital information, though perhaps not of the sort Reuters was hoping to emphasize:

  • The target was a private Christian school.
  • The killer was a woman who believed herself male.
  • The slaughter she committed was entirely intentional.
  • It took the police 14 minutes to quell the threat.

     Rather than fulminate pointlessly when someone else has already covered the necessary ground, I’ll turn the mike over to Tucker Carlson:

     Mainstream media figures would rather immolate themselves in public than admit to the anti-Christian aspect of the militant-transgender agenda. Yet it is as plain as Tucker has put it. Apparently the “manifesto” the killer left is so vile that no one in the media has dared to expose it.

     There’s also this: Had there been an armed guard at that school, the Nashville police, rather than having to hunt her down and kill her, might well have arrived to find Hale’s corpse already laid out for them. I’ve seen no better dramatization of the cynical old slogan that “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

     And only three shopping days remain before the Trans Day of Vengeance! Coming to a city near you! Excited, Gentle Reader? Got your rainbow buttons on and your Pride flags flying?

     Yes, I know it’s scheduled for April 1st. But given recent events, I’m not ready to dismiss it as just an April Fool’s prank. Stay tuned.


  1. The lost soul Biden speaking of tearing the soul of the nation as if he’s unhappy about it is really going too far. The monsters are seeking to unleash hell on Earth in order to kill this once great republic. We need a miracle where these death cultists are ensnared in the trap they’re laying for the rest of us.

    • Bear Claw Chris Lapp on March 29, 2023 at 10:35 AM

    Like the cord, Tucker was one of my other cuts. Most of these grifters are only telling us what we already know so why waste my valuable time.

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