The New Banana Republic

     David presents a tweet from Catturd, dated yesterday. It presents part of a speech by Glenn Beck:

     Yes, I certainly feel that way…but note: Beck delivered that speech in 2020. Here’s the whole thing, for those who are interested:

     How do you feel today? How would you guess Beck feels today?


  1. It is wise not to overlook the fact that Glenn Beck started out as a rodeo clown — distracting the bulls from their real tormentors.

    However accurate it is in content, Beck’s performance is a milder version of the media schemers’ vision from 1976.

    Initially full of turbulence, but petered out (no pun intended) when the novelty wore off.

    Back to prayer my friend.

    • George Mckay on April 23, 2023 at 6:30 AM

    This is the way I feel every day.  I have had to learn to tone it down as hearing all this has made my dear wife fed up with me.  I am only the messenger – not the instigator.  The left is clever, they are insidious and most of all they are FUNDED.

    The GOP, for all it’s pecadillos is/was the only real alternative to totalitarianism and we have allowed it to be compromised by the likes of the current crop of namby-pambys.  Standing up for what is right and true is not easy.  Just ask Glenn Beck.  He is castigated, pilloried and laughed about.  He still plugs on as he is not afraid of the vile and disgusting left.

    I wish I saw better times ahead but, it will have to get worse – perhaps MUCH worse as Francis has said for us to finally excise the boil that is the commie left.  My hope and prayer is that it is not too late.  I just saw stats that Gen Z claims 19% of them profess to be LGBTQ1+.  This alone is criminal – who will stand up for what is real and righteous?  People like Glenn Beck and Dan Bongino.  Rush Limbaugh is turning in his grave at how bad things have become.

    • Phil on April 23, 2023 at 11:47 AM

    Yes, a fellow could go apoplectic about all of this if he were so inclined.

    I am actually quite surprised we haven’t seen any Patriots snap yet.

    It’s a good thing patience comes with age, just saying.

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