The Time Is NOW

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    • jean on April 30, 2023 at 4:16 PM

    I’ve been saying the blunt part for about 30 years already: we should’ve been in the field, dealing with the domestic enemies. Make windchimes.
    And that was before everyone who dared say this “must be a Fed.” It’s only EVER going to get worse.
    If someone had killed Hitler in jail, would we have had the WW2 we had? Maybe. (WW2 was essentially inevitable, but it could’ve been played differently.)
    If someone had dissolved the CIA, would Kennedy have been assassinated? (Latest docs suggest maybe ..)
    We can take it on the chin, and get hurt, and beat them down, OR… We can say, “it’s only X,” only bump stocks, only machine guns, only high capacity magazines, only “weapons of war,” only… There’s talk of taking lever and bolt actions up north. Wake the F up, just because it’s a war in slow motion, doesn’t mean it’s not a WAR.
    They intend to RULE. Well or poorly is irrelevant, the drive is TO RULE. And they will always be exempt from the law, Clinton, Biden, Obama, Bush I, Bush II, maybe even Reagan, definitely Carter, but also Jefferson, Washington, Adams (Quincy, I think?)…  Lots of questionable things were done under color of law or even under outright abuse of power. It’s part of the game.
    But we want to be “civilized.*
    We’re facing fanatics and lunatics. They won’t play by your rules. They’ll hide their weapons in a hospital or school so you have to bomb the hospital or school. The whole game is spin and image. All it ever was, and they think the outcomes don’t matter, because the stated outcomes weren’t the intent anyway. Getting money, power, winning in the PVP game of Congress (governance), THAT is what it’s all about.
    Which means the rules are only ever against you, so Eff it, no quarter, “overreact” sooner rather than later, save lives and reduce damage in the long run.
    Think of it as showing up the foundation, before the building collapses. (real event, repairs on one of the NYC tunnels, inspector running the show say a crack, got an estimate from a friend. Estimate was high enough he had to put it up for bid, he couldn’t just pay it out. We want to prevent corruption, right? Only in the time it took to get the other estimates, the tunnel caved in – so now it had to be re-built, at far greater cost. I see the same behaviors in my company, in the finance realm; $10,000 too much for a license, write a tool instead – in addition to the workload we assigned, which is 60 hours a week, and we pay you for 35 hours [paying below industry standard wages anyway]. But remember how lucky you are to work here!)
    Just deal with the domestic enemies. No one will thank you, but they’ll be better off. In fact, they’ll hate you, but they’ll be better off….  Definition of Sheeple, they’re like ubruiy teens who won’t understand WHY those “stupid” rules are there, but without those rules – they’d be dead before 29, ya know? Same thing here, as evidenced by how civilizations collapse. Rome, Greek city states, Macedonia, but also Phoenician, Chinese dynasties, Shogunate, Japanese Emperor, Ganghis Khan, etc. Same principles, same mechanisms, same outcomes.

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