History May be, in Fact, Bunk!

I was a history major. I did some research as an undergraduate, that gave me a passion for refusing to buy into the popular stories, and burrow down to find out the underlying facts.

I was bored with what I was reading, and decided to find something on my Kindle library that was a little lighter, and more interesting. I found a copy of a book I’d read many years ago, in paperback form. It was The Daughter of Time, by Josephine Tey.

It’s a fiction story about a hospitalized policeman in England, who stumbles upon an historical mystery – what exactly happened to the sons of Edward V – the two Princes in the Tower.

It’s a very good story and highly entertaining (which was just what I was seeking). I won’t spoil the story if you’ve not read it, but, in the process of looking at contemporary accounts, the Inspector discovers that nearly everything about the legend is complete myth.

But, it’s a myth that is widely accepted as truth, and no amount of logic, reason, or proof will convince most people that the story is almost completely made up.

Which brings me to today – in the year 2023.

Donald Trump is widely considered by those to the left of Calvin Coolidge to be a villain equal to Richard III. His virtues are nonexistent, his crimes are all-but proven and many, and the nefariousness of his attempts to overthrow the lawful government is a known fact.

We will NEVER convince any of them to the contrary. So, I suggest we don’t try.

I neither dislike nor idolize Trump. He had his successes, he had his failures. One of his greatest failures is that he was too trusting of his staff and Cabinet (not unlike Richard III in that).

Would I want him to run again?

No. In fact, the best thing that could happen is that he stands down from running again. He could claim ill health (either in himself or his family). That would give him a graceful way to bow out. At that point, the NEVER Trumpists could lobby for the Left to back off of further prosecution, and let him live the remainder of his life in relative peace. That negotiation would depend on Trump’s acceptance of the necessity of the action.

Does that mean that I’m a DeSantis fan?

Not particularly. But, I’m willing to consider him, or anyone else that would oppose the March of the Left. If we lose, well, the meltdown of the economy may well happen – and, the blame would be solidly on the Left and their accomplices in the Genteel GOP crowd. If they ALL went down, well, that might be the price we pay for putting this country on a solid footing again.


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    • OneGuy on May 4, 2023 at 6:20 PM

    Who!?   Who could possibly do what Trump can do?  No one.  The country is in the crapper about to be flushed.  If not Trump who?  IMHO it is either Trump or flushed.   

    1. You are backing the wrong critical agenda. Not until a few better known vote counting frauds meet a tragic and unexplained end, the chances of anyone defeating that machine is but a dream. And even then, the empire will strike back.

    • OneGuy on May 4, 2023 at 7:44 PM

    Yes they will steal or try to steal the next election too.  But that does not mean you don’t still run the best candidate or more importantly the only candidate that would and could turn this disaster around.  

    1. Your choice couldn’t prevent the last steal primarily because he chose staff so poorly and didn’t fire in the manner that us voters expected of him. You are entitled to your opinion, but it seems you still believe in the man who made “you’re fired” famous. A good number of us have repented of such an error and have resumed faith in a Higher Power.

    • Bear Claw on May 4, 2023 at 11:26 PM

    “Donald Trump is widely considered by those to the left of Calvin Coolidge to be a villain equal to Richard III”.
    Trump signed the multi trillion dollar cares act. CARE to know how it affected every single American?

  1. As I pointed out, Bear Claw, Trump had some successes, but they were – in my opinion – outweighed by his failures. No, Trump was not fiscally responsible, but he was probably the most spending-restrained we could get at that time.

    One of his WORST decisions was to buy into the idea that Covid meant that the country should be shut down. As he is highly germophobic, this could have been anticipated (some more suspicious people – me, for example – might intuit that this was a planned operation by the CIA, with the active cooperation of the 3-letter agencies, and using the Chinese as putative villains).

    For the above reasons, and others (such as NOT building the wall), I really don’t want Trump back.

    • OneGuy on May 5, 2023 at 10:27 AM

    Yes Trump got tricked by the covid scam but who didn’t?   So again if not Trump who?   There is no one.  Who would decide to find and deport all the 6 million illegals who have entered in the last two years?  You cannot answer that because there is only one person ., Trump.  So accept that fact that the country is being taken over by elites and destroyed and looted and elect anyone you like because it doesn’t matter.  If Trump is “pushed” out by the lawfare crowd or back room politics I and millions of other conservatives will not vote for the person selected by the elites so you will get four more years of Biden.  Either wake up or give up.

    1. IF he is the nominee, I will support him. But, I retain the right to look at the alternatives.

      1. Can we trust the vote counts of the primaries? The same questionable Secretaries of State run the same machines and my experience in California tells me even a GOP SOS cannot be trusted.

    • June J on May 5, 2023 at 10:30 AM

    With his willingness to suppress free speech DeSantis may not be the best alternative anyway. 

    1. State specifically what free speech DeSantis has suppressed. You may find that in many cases it is significantly defending suppression of alternative speech. Or could you find fault with the cases where he and the legislature (not by exec order like the last two presidents) are protecting children from having their innocence stripped away way too early in life by Leftist indoctrinators?

    • George Mckay on May 5, 2023 at 4:38 PM

    Of all the possible alternatives to Bidet, Donald Trump is the only REAL alternative.  Desantis, my Governor and thank God for that, is not likely to garner the support required to get elected.
    Trump surely has his negatives but, the positives IMHO far outweigh them.  He came into office with the entire f-ing government doing their level best to destroy him and his family.  That is a huge thing to overcome.  His failure to fire all the leftists he could will be his legacy.  The only real loss would have been the experience and level of confidence we used to have in them.  Starting fresh would have made a great difference in the outcome of most policies.  The repukes did him no favors and for that we can thank the Turtle and his ilk.  He is a traitor as are many of the remaining fossils with an R after their name.  
    Trump is a blowhard and often should keep his big fat trap shut but, apparently is incapable of that.  If that is his worst trait I can live with it.  
    I really wish he had won in 20 but, the fix was in and continues.  The left has had decades to install compliant election officials and other drones to do their bidding.  Perhaps with new blood in those positions fair elections would return – if indeed they ever actually existed.

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