Death Cult Chronicles

     Good Morning, Gentle Reader. No, I’m not in a better mood than yesterday. I just got more sleep than usual and am therefore ready to start fulminating uselessly at an earlier hour. Along with that, it’s Fatima Day, the remembrance of which energizes me more than one might expect of an event more than a century past in which no celebrities were killed, wounded, married, divorced, or appeared on Hollywood Squares. The Blessed Virgin might not have the “screen presence” of a Kardashian, but she reliably gets my attention.

     These days I can’t read quickly enough. I’ve been missing things, including some developments more significant than anything the media are blathering about. Here’s one that every parent in the country should know about:

     The Minnesota House has unanimously amended a bill by a trans-identified Democrat lawmaker who sought to change definitions in the state’s Human Rights Act that raised concerns among many that the bill would weaken laws against pedophilia.

     A Republican state lawmaker urged the Democrat-controlled House to vote to amend the Take Pride Act, or HF 1655, introduced by Democratic state Rep. Leigh Finke, a man who identifies as a woman. The legislation seeks to change the Minnesota Human Rights Act to include a separate definition for gender identity and remove language that LGB and trans activists oppose regarding sexual orientation.

     “‘Gender identity’ means a person’s inherent sense of being a man, woman, both, or neither. A person’s gender identity may or may not correspond to their assigned sex at birth or to their primary or secondary sex characteristics. A person’s gender identity is not necessarily visible to others,” the proposed definition for gender identity reads.

     However, Finke’s proposal also removed a provision from the state’s Human Rights Act stating that sexual orientation does not include pedophiles. Critics expressed concern that if left unaltered, then that would mean pedophiles claiming their attraction to children as part of their sexual orientation would be protected from discrimination under the law.

     Asked why he wanted to remove language that specifically excludes pedophilia as a sexual orientation, Finke tried to dodge the question, telling Fox News only that the language in question “incorrectly ties pedophilia to a person’s sexual orientation,” and that nothing in his bill “changes or weakens any crimes against children, or the state’s ability to prosecute those who break the law.”

     I added the emphasis. Ponder it for a moment before proceeding.


     Pascal and I have been nattering about the rise of the Death Cults for half of forever. The core of our thesis is simple, if a bit difficult for most to swallow:

There are persons and organizations that hate people and seek to exterminate us, or as many of us as possible. They live and work among us.

     Stipulate it for the purposes of this tirade. Let’s have a thought experiment: Were you desirous of wiping out the human race, how would you go about it?

     I could add all sorts of preconditions, but the core of the thing is reducing human numbers. There are many ways of killing off multitudes – no, I’m not going to provide a compendium; use your imagination – but the most “direct” ones run up against the “Chinese problem:” Unless you get every last one of us, we’ll reproduce ourselves. Soon enough, you’ll be back where you started.

     The only sure method of eliminating Mankind is to prevent us from breeding.

     People opposed to human reproduction are called anti-natalists. Their overt rationales vary somewhat, but they share a dislike for people – at least, for more people. And knowingly or not, they are important allies to the more visible Death Cults.

     Some Death Cultists focus on killing people off; others seek to prevent them from being born. How do the latter ones go about this? Let me count the ways:

  1. Economic pressures that inhibit the growth of families;
  2. Cultural trends that disincentivize marriage and family;
  3. Pharmaceutical contraceptives;
  4. Promotion of “youth culture;”
  5. Abortion;
  6. Homosexuality;
  7. Transgenderism;
  8. Pedophilia.

     That last entry might not be obvious to some. Nevertheless, it’s a key component of the list. Persons sexually abused as children tend not to have children of their own. Some acquire an aversion to sex; some become abusers themselves; some suicide at an early age; and some simply decline to reproduce.

     The Minnesota bill mentioned in the opening segment was a clever attempt to prevent the state from prosecuting pedophilic acts. It had no other conceivable purpose.


     I could go on about this, but either you’ve grasped the point by now or you’re beyond my ability to reach. As my Gentle Readers tend to be significantly brighter than average, I shan’t flog this corpse further this morning. Except, of course, to lay in a pitch for this small collection of essays. And to say, once again, with feeling:

     Preach Christ.


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  1. You left out promotion of chemical contraception, particularly the long-acting ones, coupled with promotion of delayed child-bearing.
    Now, delay in having your first child has been practiced for many generations. The Irish were widely known for late marriage. However, that delay was NOT combined with toleration of an extended period of sexual promiscuity with no protection against contracting STDs. Therefore, when the Irish did get married, there was no barrier to having multiple children until natural fertility diminished.
    What is the natural outcome of that delay?
    STD-caused infertility problems, reduction in the number of stable marriages, no time between FINALLY beginning to have children and the cessation of fertility (with at MOST 2 children possible). Infertility problems that need surgical intervention, or use of in vitro techniques that are hideously expensive (hence reducing the number of offspring).
    The long-acting reversible contraceptives – LARCs – require a doctor’s visit to insert and remove. And, removing them earlier than expiration MAY not be permitted under all health plans, making an anti-child bureaucracy in charge of a woman’s child-bearing choices. What they WILL do is cut down that window of opportunity for conception.
    Note how all the pro-conception choices require a couple to pay all costs? And the anti-conception choices are free?
    That’s by PLAN.

    1. I intended to subsume contraception under “Cultural trends” and “Youth culture,” but perhaps it does require emphasis. I’ll add it.

    2. Thank you for filling in some details that I naturally suspected, but more for providing others that didn’t even cross my mind.

      Fran and I keep providing evidence of the death cults in the hope that many others will be encouraged to add more evidence of what they know.

    • Gurgula on May 13, 2023 at 7:07 AM

    The sins of Russia (collectivism) spreading to the world.
    Fulminate on while you still can.

    • Evil Franklin on May 13, 2023 at 7:22 AM

    The elites and cultists have been seeking methods of reducing earths population to 500 million for many decades.  I can remember reading an article saying as much a long time ago.


    Evil Franklin

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