On the Mend

Me, that is. On the fence about America.

While alternately working to improve my mobility, and swearing and putting ice on my poor tortured limbs, I’ve been getting caught up on some blog posts, particularly on Substack.

One such post, referred by Western Rifle Shooters, was this. There’s a part 2, as well.

If you have children/grandchildren who haven’t a clue about Actual History – as opposed to that promoted by The Woke and Dictatorial – check this out. While I’m on the subject, is there anyone who can recommend a general modern US History book that we can hand the kids? Something that is factual, backed up by contemporary reports, and not conspiracy-minded (not that the conspiracies didn’t exist, but, for newbs to the non-Woke truth, it needs to be soft-pedaled).

Wander around Visayas Outpost; there is a lot in that Substack worth reading.

I’d like to spend some more time on this post, but I had my first post-healing PT appointment, and I’m pooped. I’m going to take a quick nap, before I head out to get my – and my dog’s – nails done.

Almost forgot! I made my first trip as a driver since the accident. It went fine, and I’ll be working on getting out more often over the next few weeks.