Day From Hell Alert! I have three appointments today – two doctors, one broker – a mandatory social engagement this evening, and a raft of other chores besides, so please accept the following few observations, that I might have some prospect of surviving the day.


1. Now Tell Us Something We Don’t Know.

     John Nolte provides his readers A Blinding Flash Of The Obvious:

     New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-Tyrant) believes she can unilaterally suspend the Second Amendment. If that’s the case, then what’s to stop her and her defenders from suspending all the amendments?
     Grisham used the murder of an 11-year-old boy in Democrat-run Albuquerque, a city that has had one Republican mayor since 1985, to justify this act. No sane person believes this ban will save a single life. In fact, sane people know what happens when criminals know everyone else is helpless and unarmed.

     I had a dim sense – murky, inchoate, and tentative – that politicians who believe themselves above the law might also believe that the law is what they say it is. The Constitution being the Supreme Law of the Land, for a state governor to proclaim it “not absolute” is indeed a reach for dictatorial status. But let’s not forget that Joe Biden did the same thing:

     President Joe Biden said Thursday that “no amendment is absolute” while discussing the Second Amendment and repeated a debunked claim that cannons were prohibited when the amendment was passed.
     Additionally, Biden received backlash on Twitter from gun rights advocates who took issue with his claim that the Second Amendment is not “absolute.”
     “Actually, @JoeBiden, the 2nd Amendment is absolute,” oil executive and author Dan K. Eberhart tweeted. “It’s part of the Constitution, whether you like it or not.”
     “Biden targets law-abiding gun owners, saying ‘there’s NO amendment that’s absolute!’” a Republican National Committee Twitter account posted.

     The politician’s credo: “Our will is absolute. Your rights are not.”

     Never forget.


2. Astounding…But Only If You Were Fanatically Dedicated To The Contrary.

     Enjoy the tone of this article from the Daily Mail:

     President Joe Biden faces an impeachment vote over his alleged ties to his son Hunter’s business dealings – many of which have been uncovered by
     Emails, texts, photos and documents unearthed by this publication have added to a still-growing body of evidence suggesting that Joe may have been improperly involved in Hunter’s shady foreign deals, including when he was Vice President.
     That evidence has now prompted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to call a Thursday meeting of top Republicans to plan a vote on impeaching the President.
     Impeachment could give GOP investigators more powers to obtain bank statements and other documents to root out any possible financial links Joe had with his son.
     It could also see Hunter hauled in front of Congress to testify under oath.

     This U.K. publication has always tended toward the sensational and the scandalous…except in reporting on left-wing politicians. Now that there’s enough evidence of Biden’s corruption to float an aircraft carrier with all of its supporting vessels, the previous revelations must be made to look like the Mail’s own, original work.

     Color me unsurprised.


3. The Red Pill.

     As the times darken, Francis X. Maier states an imperative, not just of Catholics, but of all good men. He begins with a quote from a Paul Kingsnorth essay:

     Sometimes I lie awake at night, or I wander in the field behind my house, or I walk down the street in our local town and think I can see it all around me: the grid. The veins and sinews of the Machine that surrounds us and pins us and provides for us and defines us now. I imagine a kind of network of shining lines in the air, glowing like a dewed spiderweb in the morning sun. I imagine the cables and the satellite links, the films and the words and the records and the opinions, the nodes and the data centres that track and record the details of my life. I imagine the mesh created by the bank transactions and the shopping trips, the passport applications and the text messages sent. I see this thing, whatever it is, being constructed, or constructing itself around me, I see it rising and tightening its grip, and I see that none of us can stop it from evolving into whatever it is becoming.

     I see the Machine, humming gently to itself as it binds us with its offerings, as it dangles its promises before us and slowly, slowly, slowly reels us in. I think of the part of it we interact with daily, the glowing white interface through which we volunteer every detail of our lives in exchange for information or pleasure or stories told by global entertainment corporations who commodify our culture and sell it back to us. I think of the words we use to describe this interface, which we carry with us in our pockets wherever we go, as we are tracked down every street and into every forest that remains: the web; the net.

     I think: These are things designed to trap prey.

     Maier continues:

     In The Matrix, Neo’s awakening to reality involves literally unplugging from the machines and a painful, if salvific, recovery. Paul Kingsnorth has stripped away as much of today’s high-tech, narcotic cocoon as he can from his family’s daily life. (He still writes on his computer; he’s not crazy.)

     And he’s happier for it – for good reason. We can’t be the creatures of dignity God made us to be; we can’t be leaven in the world; we can’t serve Jesus Christ and see clearly what needs to be done in the world, if we’re lumps of its sleeping debris. We’re meant to be better than that. As St. Paul writes, we’re meant to be sons and daughters of the light, so “let us not sleep, as others do, but let us keep awake and be sober.” (1 Thess 5:6)

     In other words: Take the red pill.

     Penetrating and brilliant. Please read it all.


     That’s all for today, Gentle Reader. Now begins the driving around, being poked, prodded, and Dutch-uncled by the minions of the Medical-Financial ComplexTM, plus the even more painful shelling-out that usually follows routinely painful experiences. Have a nice day.