Savages 2023

     I actually hate feeling that I must do this, but there are far too many people turning a blind eye to what’s being done to us in the name of “diversity.” (To say nothing of “equity” or “inclusion.”)

     The genesis can be disputed. The origin hardly matters. This is what’s happening today. It will continue until whites put a stop to it, for it’s become entirely too clear that Negroes will not.

     See also this piece. And do have a nice day.

     UPDATE: But Wait: There’s More! It’s not just in classrooms that Negroes are creating chaos:

     Does this…person belong in the United States House of Representatives? She can certainly scream and hurl irrelevancies — those are certainly vital skills for any Democrat politician — but do you think she could solve a quadratic equation?

     [S]tep into the polling booth and find that the computer has generated a new quadratic equation just for you. Solve it, the computer unlocks the voting machine, you vote. But get a wrong answer and the voting machine fails to unlock, a loud bell sounds, a red light goes on over that booth—and you slink out, face red, you having just proved yourself too stupid and/or ignorant to take part in the decisions of the grownups. Better luck next election! No lower age limit in this system—smart 12-yr-old girls vote every election while some of their mothers—and fathers—decline to be humiliated twice.

     Well, perhaps that wouldn’t be quite fair. Not everyone is good at math. (Recall what Ann told us?) But how about the civics test that immigrants who’ve applied for citizenship must pass?

     No, me neither.


    • jwm on September 30, 2023 at 11:16 AM

    Quadratic equation?

    Let’s try long division without a calculator. Or even adding up a column of more than three numbers.

    Consider the constituency who voted for this moron. Not a triple digit IQ in the bunch of them. Remember Maxine Waters.




    • Diogenes on September 30, 2023 at 8:11 PM

    `I can say with all honesty and more than a little shame, that of the guys I work with, not one could pass the Civics test.



    and all are born and raised in this great country, but they have not one clue of ‘Why’ its so great.

    And I feel it is all by design.

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