More Truth Than We Can Stomach

Wes Rhinier brings it:

     I haven’t written much or posted much at all recently. What’s the point? Nobody Cares! Almost everything I write the comment section turns into a pissing contest. The thing is, deep down, you know I’m right. You know there is only one way to restore Liberty for our children and the future generations. You’re just frightened of what that means. Nobody wants to give up their cushy lives. Nobody wants war! Myself included.

     Please read it all. He’s right – so right that I find I have nothing of substance to add.


    • OneGuy on October 3, 2023 at 9:21 AM

    It begs the question.   IF he cares so much what has he done for the J6 defendants and their families.  THEY are our POWs in this war against the Democrat/communist tyranny in this country.  I am not saying everyone of the J6 POWs are innocent I am saying 96% of them are innocent of any wrongdoing and all they were doing was standing up for our republic and constitution.  Where are the donations to help the families or to get lawyers to appeal these terrible miscarriages of justice?  Do YOU want to go out and demonstrate against these injustices and tyrannies knowing that they will bring down the entire justice system oh your head and those who you think are on your side will do nothing to help you?

    1. Don’t imagine any particular status in life for a commentator on the basis of his opinions. Except for those who know me personally, people think I’m nine feet tall, that I drive an M1 to church on Sundays, that I’m armored against anything up to a LAW, and that I light my fireplace with $1000 bills. The reality is somewhat different.

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