“Diversity” Advocates

     American “diversity” advocates, henceforth to be styled Diversitoids, have a propensity for living in the “whitest” parts of the country. As it happens, they’re usually surrounded by other Diversitoids…that is, other white Diversitoids. But diversity! We can’t get enough of it…or so they say. If that’s so, then what explains their chosen neighborhoods?

     If you have a few minutes, the following video from American Renaissance’s Jared Taylor, is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

     Taylor employs the Diversitoids’ campaign against Judd Blevins, an Oklahoman, largely as an introduction to a provocative proposition: specifically, whatever fraction of white Americans expresses willingness to live in a white ethnostate should be conceded a proportional tract of the U.S. for that purpose. But the Diversitoids would never agree to a separation into a white ethnostate and a “diverse” nation. Given white Diversitoids’ choices of neighborhoods to live in, I find the notion to be spot-on.

     And before you ask: yes, all other considerations to the side for the moment, I would certainly prefer to live in a white ethnostate. Would I uproot my family and relocate to Maine, or North Dakota, or the Pacific Northwest to do so? Not at the moment…but ask me again in a year’s time.


    • Mad Celt on November 25, 2023 at 12:54 PM

    Still waiting for diversity to accomplish something other than create a subset job field.

    • Scott on November 25, 2023 at 9:34 PM

    Diversity mean they are fundamentally deceiving us. The reason they don’t want to separate or want let us evil white devils separate is because without us there ass is broke and will not have our taxes from us working to pay for them to sit on their asses at home. With out us they can survive because the will have no food , water , cell phones or health care because we pay for it for them. That is the very reason they will never LET us , but that is own us because we out number them , out smart them and can make the separation happen if we really wanted to. The main reason we could is because we don’t hold our weapons side ways and could actually run because our pants are not around our knees.

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