Perhaps You’ve Wondered

     Why are there so many total nutcases infesting our world? How can there be so many terrorists, so many mass murderers, so many loonies gluing themselves to stuff to “protest” fossil fuels, or “cisgender heteronormativity,” or whatever? Omitting the ones driven by Islam, that is.

     A short while ago, it occurred to me that a classic science-fiction novel has a possible explanation for us:

     One of his men told me dryly: “It’s a matter of population, Courtenay. Have you ever heard of Albert Fish?”
     “He was a phenomenon of the dawn; the earliest days of the Age of Reason—1920 or thereabouts. Albert Fish stuck needles into himself, burned himself with alcohol-saturated wads of cotton, flogged himself—he liked it. He would have liked brainburning, I’ll wager. It would have been twenty delightful subjective years of being flayed, suffocated, choked, and nauseated. It would have been Albert Fish’s dream come true.
     “There was only one Albert Fish in his day. Pressures and strains of a very high order are required to produce an Albert Fish. It would be unreasonable to expect more than one to be produced out of the small and scattered population of the period—less than three billion. With our vastly larger current population there are many Albert Fishes wandering around. You only have to find them. Our matchless research facilities here at Taunton have unearthed several. They turn up at hospitals, sometimes in very grotesque shape. They are eager would-be killers; they want the delights of punishment. A man like you says we can’t hire killers because they’d be afraid of being punished. But Mr. Taunton, now, says we can hire a killer if we find one who likes being punished. And the best part of it all is, the ones who like to get hurt are the ones who just love hurting others. Hurting, for instance—you.”

     In case you’re wondering, Albert Fish was a real person, one of the first well-documented sadomasochists. He really did torture himself…and others.

     In the above-cited novel, the villain (Taunton) wanted a willing killer / torturer who actually sought to be tortured himself. Today’s villains want willing killers, destroyers, and disruptors of all kinds who seek personal validation through their “causes,” no matter the cost to themselves. There are enough humans alive today that the subgroup of thoroughly evil and / or seriously mentally ill persons who fit that description – and there are a minuscule percentage of them in any population – is sufficient for the villains to recruit what they need.

     Why, yes: I do think about such things over my morning coffee. Don’t you?


    • OneGuy on November 25, 2023 at 10:10 AM

    There are a few mistakes that contribute to the subterfuge.  First when these protestors are arrested and charged as part of the process of investigating the crime the police should determine their motive.  I.e were they paid, coerced, brainwashed and by who.  The courts should reinforce this process by refusing to give any leniency until this information is known.  Second the “free press” should report it.  The taxpayers and voters deserve to know who is behind this violence and often anti-American actions.  If it’s George Soros or  who ever we should know this so we can make informed decision.  And our government is remiss in enforcing our laws in regards to the groups and individuals who fund and direct these crimes.  If someone or some group pays protestors to break our laws then that person or group should be charged as a co-conspirator.

    • Tree Mike on November 26, 2023 at 12:56 PM

    Yes, “those people” are out there. They are “wind up” toy/tools for the evil phuquers to set upon the people to keep everyone wound up tight with fear, anxiousness, angst, nervousness. “They” use Frankfurt School, MK-ULTRA inspired research, techniques to prep these unfortunate folks to “go off”. Of course, there are also the Islamist’s, lefty loonie’s/commie’s, dindus and third world illegal alien hoards to contend with. If only it were merely clown world…but no, they’re serious, it counts. Stay frosty friends.

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