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     The state of our country can be defined by this simple fact: Someone can be convicted of murder and sentenced to jail even though the “murdered” man’s death certificate states he died of a drug overdose. — David DeGerolamo


    • Daniel K Day on November 27, 2023 at 9:06 AM

    Let me recommend this documentary. In the first 20 minutes, among other things, it explains how George Floyd managed to kill himself with drugs while dealing with the police, and shows him complaining of difficulty breathing before anyone placed their knee on his neck.

    • Drumwaster on November 27, 2023 at 10:49 AM

    There is also the undeniable fact that Saint George of the Blessed Fentanyl was officially listed as a COVID death, even as the trial for his alleged “murderer” was beginning. His only other mention in news prior to this event was when he was arrested after he shoved a pistol into the stomach of a pregnant woman, so verily, a model citizen for young Democrats.


    The police used standard techniques, taught and perfected over decades by the City Council, the city-owned police academy, and subject to the laws and precedents created in the State of Minnesota. The closest Minnesota has come to voting Republican was 1984, when less than four thousand votes (of the more than two million cast) prevented Reagan from getting a 50-State sweep. (I don’t count DC, which has never come close to voting GOP since it was given the vote.) They have not had a Republican as Governor since 1973. Democrats hold every level of State government, and every one of the 13 seats on the Minneapolis City Council are Democrat. The Congresscreature in charge of that area is Ilhan Omar, the brother-marrying Islamist, about which nothing more needs to be said. The Mayor is Democrat. So OF COURSE the issue is the fault of the Republican from New York who has never held public office before.

    • OneGuy on November 27, 2023 at 1:09 PM

    Derek Chauvin was convicted because of hate.  The left nd the minorities hated him because he was white and a policeman.  The DA lied and concealed facts that should have been given to Derek Chauvin’s attorney, he did it intentionally to support those who hated Chauvin.  IMHO Keith Ellison should be charged criminally with an added hate crime charge for what he has done.

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