The death of Academia

The fate of “higher” education in this country has been written about for decades now, although the kerfluffle regarding the Ivy-league sociopaths have drug it back into the spotlight recently. There’s nothing like defending genocidal calls on campus to make people wonder just why they should send their children to your institution.

And now the alumni of said institutions are asking questions and not liking the answers that they receive.

I think my utter loathing of the majority of American universities has been expounded upon multiple times over the past couple of decades. And that’s while I myself am signing up for some of that higher education myself, albeit via the G.I. Bill paying my way, because if I had to pay for it out of pocket I simply would abstain. And rather than attempt to enroll in an overpriced university I’m going through a local state college here in my hometown. The thought of spending $50k a year for an education makes my stomach churn, especially given the quality of schools these days. Kids are coming out dumber than when they first walk in to university, unable to think, only able to emote. This isn’t a new phenomenon.

So why go back to school? Well, when dealing with many of the business leaders around here, having a fancy sheepskin hanging on your wall helps open doors, and given that I want to open my own business in the future I’ll take any advantage I can get. There’s also the fact that I’m taking a business degree, and hopefully I’ll be able to gain knowledge that I don’t have, so that I don’t have to recreate the wheel when I hang out my shingle.

Also, did I mention that I’m not paying out of pocket for it? I did? Good.

The substack I linked to is almost a cri de coeur regarding the downfall of Harvard. Here’s a little quote:

I have no space here to write about the obvious double-standards and fatuous hypocrisy of Gay’s memo and her testimony.

To repeat from my Tweet: it is important to note that Gay’s memo was written when she was a short-listed candidate for the Harvard presidency. Thus, we must face a stunning possibility: Gay got the job precisely because she holds these views.

This is Gay’s agenda for Harvard and apparently the agenda of the Harvard Corporation and the Board of Overseers, which means this is the agenda for the rest of American higher education because everyone follows Harvard.

It’s a sad state of a country when one needs documentation from organizations that are actively hostile to the very ideas this country was founded on. Harvard is done. Oh, it’ll hang around, it’ll still proclaim its status, but more and more people who aren’t part of a social circle are turning away from places like Harvard. My mother got her master’s degree at Gonzaga U in Spokane, and after finding out that the Jesuits essentially keep a house there where they hide their sexual predators, she stopped giving any money to the university. I’m guessing that quite a few Harvard alums are feeling the same way right now. Apparently Harvard has already lost around one billion dollars in donations from alums. They need to lose more.

As a side note, I don’t consider the Jesuits to actually be Catholic. Certainly their teachings and culture in the modern area don’t show any actual Catholicism, and Jorge Bergoglio the anti-Pope (a Jesuit) is about as un-Catholic as you can get. I don’t think he actually believes any of the Church’s teachings. Certainly his boyfriend might find Catholic teachings to be somewhat problematic. But I digress.

I really don’t have any kind of great insights regarding the fall of Harvard, or any other supposedly “elite” universities. Quite honestly most of them exist to perpetuate the mirage of superiority that people pay good money for, and to give people a badge that allows them to swim in certain social circles in D.C. and NYC. But actual education? From my run-ins, all I can say is that I’m not impressed.

Let ’em fall. Keeping President Gay at Harvard signals to all the world that Harvard cares more about skin tone than they do about accomplishments or moral standing. Good. They’ve staked their claim. Now let them die on it.

Hopefully the rest of the supposedly “elite” institutions will follow. THAT would be a cleansing that America could benefit from.