Victims Are Multiplying


     What follows contains explicit, vulgar language. I’ve decided that it’s time to “take the gloves off.” Good people being restrained and proper is part of why America has descended to its current state. Quite a few people need a very painful comeuppance. Until they get it, no improvement in our current degeneracy is possible. Indeed, it will only deepen. Continue on at your own peril.


     They’re everywhere! Someone call an exterminator!

     It had to happen, of course. People will flock toward privileges, especially if they needn’t earn them. Victim status today comes with a raft of privileges. Sometimes they include immunity from the law. Other times there’s a cash payment. In any case, things being as they are just now, it’s better to be a recognized member of Victims Unanimous than not.

     Anyone who’s been watching the international news is already aware that HAMAS, the most vicious terrorist group on Earth, now claims to be a victim. Israel had no right to retaliate in force for a measly little 1400-civilian slaughter, you see. It’s disproportionate. And for the United States to support Israel…why, the mind reels at the perfidy of it. Don’t those stupid Americans know they’re supposed to be on the side of the underdog?

     Not all of HAMAS’s supporters are in the Middle East. They’ve got a fair number here in the U.S. They’ve been blocking major highways and airports in the name of their “protest.” In California one highway-blocking group angered drivers so greatly that cars started to run through them at considerable speed. Shortly thereafter, the cops arrived and cleared the “protest.” That made the HAMAS supporters claim to be victims themselves.

     But the most outrageous recent claimant is this shameless sodomite:

     As self-exculpating whines go, this one is top shelf. This…person was filmed in flagrante delicto, as we used to say, getting his jollies on a conference table in the Hart Senate Office Building, where his employer, U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D, MD), has his offices. In fact, he and his…partner made the recording and posted it on a social media site for homosexuals.

     You thought the public parades of homosexuals, men in drag, and men leading other men on leashes were bad. You were right. You just didn’t know how much worse was in store. But if you had known, would you have said anything? Would you have rallied to put an end to it?

     Regard ye well, Gentle Reader: These are the fruits of unthinking “tolerance.” Murderers complaining about righteous retaliation. Protestors complaining about being shoved aside by angry commuters. Men fucking other men in the ass on conference tables in public buildings and filming it for social media. If you thought you’d already seen the worst depravity of which Mankind is capable…oh, never mind. Could we possibly have further to fall?

     Strike that last. I don’t think I want to know.


     For quite some time, I’ve held that one should be free to espouse whatever ideas or opinions one pleases, whether publicly or privately. I’ve believed that what consenting adults do in private is no one else’s legitimate concern. I want to continue to believe those things. The folks claiming to be “victims” and demanding our “tolerance” are making it very difficult.

     Some hold that there’s a plan in progress to destroy all our public institutions and public order, to destabilize American society completely. They say the events I mentioned above are components of that plan. They could well be right. What I can’t fathom is how passive we’ve become in the face of the onslaught.

     Is it because we fear a backlash against ourselves personally? Given the extent of “cancel culture” to date, I suppose that can be justified. A number of people have already suffered such backlash. They’ve lost jobs, friends, spouses, families, and reputations, often for dissenting from the Left’s preachments and nothing else. No one would want any of that.

     Nevertheless, it must end. The shameless displays of perversion and the public support of murderous savages must be ended, for they will not cease of their own will. Moreover, these things must end very soon, before public outrage rises to such a height that a violent culling, complete with mass bloodshed, arises in response.

     But there’s no one in public life with the clarity, the courage, and the strength to end it. The political class has been intellectually and morally disarmed through the clever deployment of victimism. Not one of our so-called leaders is willing to risk anything to take the lead in this.

     Which means the job is ours: private citizens.

     Forgive me, Gentle Reader. Forget all that. Have a nice day. It’s Gaudete Sunday, after all, so rejoice. Try not to get as exercised as I was in writing all the above. It’s not good for you. Trust me on that.

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    • Steve on December 17, 2023 at 8:02 PM

    Good evening Francis, no, nothing but salty language would have driven home the point here – no pun intended! I don’t know who decided that this country should now resemble the Weimar Republic, but they should be singled out for a very horrible and very public punishment, let’s not forget painful as well.
    Not very Christian I know, but a Messianic Jew friend of mine explained to me recently, “These are no longer people, they have been enslaved by satan and we’re going to have to wipe them from the face of the earth, or they’ll destroy what’s left of our civilization!” At this point, one can’t really argue with that statement.
    Happy Gaudete Sunday to you and speaking of which, if you enjoy Christmas music, I highly recommend “Gaudete” from The Medieval Babes. It’s hauntingly beautiful, the first time I heard it was back in ‘02, staring out my front window as a light snow was falling right around dusk. What I wouldn’t give to have those weather conditions back this week for an encore! 

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