Missing The Point

     It’s difficult for me to imagine how some people live with their spinelessness:

     Carols by Candlelight is the largest annual fundraiser for Vision Australia’s children’s services, which provides support to families and children who are blind or have low vision.
     A crowd of 10,000 gathered to enjoy the live broadcast, celebrate the Christmas holiday, and provide support for children in need.
     The event was disrupted, however, when pro-Palestine protesters stormed across the stage while children were performing and began ranting about Gaza and raising Palestinian flags.
     “Well, it is the climate, isn’t it?” a female host said.
     “It’s okay, everybody, we are actually fine here… Everyone’s allowed to have their… moment… It’s a very hard time in this world… There’s a lot of pain out there that people are experiencing,” another host said.

     “Everyone’s allowed to have their moment” — ? What the host appears to have missed – or deliberately averted – is that these “pro-Palestinian protesters” believe that all moments are “their moment.” In fact, they don’t want anyone else to “have their moment.” If they can, they will commandeer anyone else’s “moment” regardless of any and all other considerations.

     This isn’t a run-of-the-mill case of people excessively passionate about a Cause. It’s a demonstration of one of the Left’s guides to action. It was once phrased “No justice, no peace” – according to their notions of “justice” and “peace.” They will disrupt, degrade, and destroy anything anyone else loves, enjoys, or benefits from until they get what they want.

     It’s an Alinsky-compliant tactic: one they enjoy. Its pleasures combine the humiliation of others with the assertion of their own amorality and ruthlessness. The subtext, of course, is that “You can’t stop us.”

     In point of fact, “we” could stop them. All it would take is for us to rise above our inhibitions against confrontation. But those inhibitions against confrontation, so far, have proved stronger than our anger and revulsion at their shamelessness. And when I say that, I feel myself growing ashamed of “us.”

     That’s all for today, Gentle Reader. I need a big drink.


  1. They have a plan to disrupt.
    As that noted philosopher Mike Tyson said: “Everyone Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth”.

    • Bob in Idaho on December 27, 2023 at 10:35 AM

    Their actions have few if any consequences. They have big money backing them to pay their bail and pay their lawyers IF they face any charges. On the other hand, we are hung out to dry by our “leaders”, abandoned by our allies, charged to fullest extent of the law (and beyond) and ruined financially when we do stand up to the mob. Solutions?

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