The DEI-Hustlers Won’t Relent

     They’re a bit like the Chinese that way: they just keep coming:

     The Wizard Of Oz and It’s A Wonderful Life are going to get a ‘diverse’ reboot, a Hollywood director has revealed.

     Kenya Barris, who created the ABC sitcom Black-ish, is working on scripts for the Warner Bros adaptations of the Hollywood classics and spoke of his plans to make some key changes as he appeared at the Sundance Film Festival.

     The producer, 50, said the 1939 Judy Garland film The Wizard Of Oz will get a modern day remake with it set it The Bottoms – Inglewood, California, rather than Kansas.

     Kenya added it is the ‘best time to turn a mirror on society’ and he wants to do both films with diverse characters.

     Apparently, the bankrupting of Barris’s predecessors in such madness, including Disney, hasn’t convinced him that ruining a cultural mile marker such as The Wizard of Oz is an auto-da-fe. Well, hard-boiled race-hustlers can be like that. From the above, Barris has already enlisted in that cause. Such persons view everything through their personal myopia. They cannot see anything in a classic movie except that “there are no blacks in it!”

     This is what happens when a people is relentlessly propagandized about its “oppression” and persuaded that the remedy is to make war on the “oppressors” by defacing and defiling what they love.

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    • Jay on January 25, 2024 at 4:44 PM

    Reboot the Wizard of Oz? Wasn’t that what the play and movie “The Wiz” was about?

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