Genocide Canadian Style

     We will all die. It’s the price of life. And eventually, the fact of it will be acted out by every living thing.

     But some folks want to hurry the process:

     With lethal-injection euthanasia now legal in Canada for patients age 18 and over whose deaths are “foreseeable” (a vague limitation sure to be erased eventually), eager bioethicists describe a proposed protocol to govern child euthanasia once legal authority expands to include minors (as it has in the Netherlands and Belgium). From “Medically Assisted Dying in a Paediatric Hospital,” published in the Oxford-based Journal of Medical Ethics:

     In all other regards [than who initiates the euthanasia discussion], our working group has, at present, elected to conceptualise MAID as practically and ethically equivalent to other medical practices that result in the end of life. This theorisation of MAID is justified on the grounds that these practices share a common purpose of alleviating unendurable suffering and facilitate the patient dying on their own terms…and is reflective of our concern that the conceptualisation of MAID should not place additional burdens on the patient or function to limit the rights and freedoms to which patients are typically entitled.

     Remember, the issue here is whether doctors should be allowed to kill children.

     One would think that — at a bare minimum — such homicides should require parental permission. But no. If the child is considered mature enough to make decisions, parents can be kept out of the death discussions. Indeed, the authors envision scenarios in which parents aren’t even notified by doctors that they are going to kill their child! (My italics.)

     If you watched the Carlson video below, you already know something about this. But very few people watch twenty-minute videos…even when they’re recommended here at Liberty’s Torch.

     Of course those “eager bioethicists” are sensitive to the ramifications of killing kids:

     In order to protect staff members from potential violence and social harassment, we will not make public the names of the healthcare providers at The Hospital for Sick Children who have volunteered to provide MAID, nor will we disclose a full list of persons who comprised our working group.

     We will, however, as an institution, publicly discuss the provision of MAID in an effort to normalise this procedure and reduce social stigma for everyone involved. It is right and appropriate for this duty to fall to a well-resourced institution rather than rest on the shoulders of individual patients and providers.

     Canada, the society where politeness is very nearly enforceable by law, must now decide whether to allow these “bioethicists” the power to execute Canadian kids without let or hindrance by their uninformed parents. It’s a program for extinguishing white Canadians. You may rest assured that immigrants to Canada, the great majority of whom are Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or black, will protect their kids with violence if necessary. Is this a subject on which Canadians’ vaunted politeness is appropriate?

     Cthulhu is loose, Gentle Reader. He’s rampaging through Canada. And our northern border is as porous as our southern one.


    • Ownerus on January 26, 2024 at 12:11 PM

    Just one of the many knock-on effects of allowing yourselves to be disarmed.

    “Government” without consequences. Every tyrants dream.

    • Bob in Idaho on January 27, 2024 at 2:19 AM

    “In order to protect staff members…” they won’t identify the actual murders. The result is that each and every employee of that institution, from the lowliest housekeeper to the most celebrated surgeon, is now a legitimate target for retribution.

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