Oh to dream

This isn’t a long post. It’s late, I’ve been doing schoolwork, and I found something that made me nod and think “Yes, that is what the world needs.”

But it’s still a true statement that every politician, either federal, state or local, who locked down their population because of something with a 99.97% survival rate, is a tyrant who either needs to apologize, or be sentenced to do a jig in mid-air. Call me extreme if you wish. I still drive past businesses who were open four years ago, but suffered death due to the lockdowns. I still know families who haven’t recovered. Children who couldn’t go to their parent’s funerals. Families not allowed to gather for important moments. Children left behind in schooling. The amount of pain and suffering caused by these mindless petty tyrants is unfathomable. And they haven’t ONCE apologized for it. Not. Fucking. Once. Because they’re not sorry.

If they feel no sense of sorrow for their sins, I’m not obliged to forgive them.


  1. Indeed. Repentance must precede forgiveness…and absolution.

    • OneGuy on February 5, 2024 at 10:24 AM

    And don’t forget the stolen election that was made possible by the governments covid policies.  That stolen election may have doomed us to a financial and political collapse.  

    • George Mckay on February 5, 2024 at 6:23 PM

    Pardon my language but, to hell with those fucksticks.  May they all rot in hell for eternity in misery and agony.  No mercy, no sympathy and I know that is not very Christian but, they started this shit and they deserve everything that is coming to them – lead poisoning and that kind of thing donchaknow?

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