The Narrative Has Parts

     Supreme over all other laws is The First Law:

The First Law:
Everything Has Parts.
(Except the First Law)

     For example, we have The Narrative, a thing of many parts, none of them particularly pleasant. Here are a few:

  • Gun control works.
  • Diversity is our strength.
  • It’s not race, it’s “culture.”
  • Minorities cannot be racist.
  • Poverty is only a lack of money.
  • The police oppress innocent Negroes.

     Shannon Gooden violated a few of the above:

     On Sunday evening, police in Burnsville, Minnesota were called to the scene of a domestic disturbance. While the reason for the original call doesn’t seem to have been made public, it is widely reported (or at least rumored) that a suspect was in bed with a fourteen-year-old girl.
     Police arrived at the scene and found that the suspect was armed. They engaged in lengthy negotiations with him, but he refused to come out from the house where he was holed up. At some point, for reasons that are not yet clear, the suspect started shooting. He killed two Burnsville police officers and a fire medic who came to the aid of one of them. Scott wrote about the case here.
     For some reason, legacy news outlets initially decided not to identify the perpetrator, who shot himself after murdering the three law enforcement personnel. But his name was Shannon Cortez Gooden.

     Here is / was Shannon Cortez Gooden:

     Undermine one element of The Narrative, and you’ll get a modicum of protection, perhaps having your race obscured in media reports. Undermine several elements of The Narrative, and you may receive the “blanket” defense of unpersoning: your identity and deeds will be “memory holed,” never thereafter to be mentioned in any major-media organ.

     I maintain that no further commentary is required.

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    • George Mckay on February 21, 2024 at 6:28 AM

    This piece of filth does not deserve anonimity.  Lets make him infamous.  Flipping us off is appropriate don’t you think?  14 year old girl?  The guv there has been on the cops ass since he was elected and has the gall to try and make nice now?   F%*( him and all his ilk.  Not only were police killed but, a Paramedic whose only “crime” was trying to help fallen officers.  Their narratives are falling apart and they cannot keep the lies all straight so they don’t even try.
    I also note that truckers in New Yawk may (or may not) boycott NYC.  Good for them.  Hochul is totally clueless and useless.  Sad that innocents must pay for it but, you voted for these asshats and therefore deserve whatever they have done to you.  

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