Additions to Ace’s Skepticism

Disinformation Expert Ace posted the following: Biden “Accepts” Offer to Debate, With Special Conditions to Protect Biden; Trump, for Some Lunatic Reason, Accepts His Terms.

After each of the news items he offered up bits of doubt, sarcasm and skepticism. For instance

  • Your first offer is accepted without reservations! This guy wrote The Art of the Deal?
  • I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Chris Wallace did a lot to hurt Trump. The leftwing media is salivating to do that again, even harder this time.
  • Trump doesn’t even need these debates — Biden needs them. So Trump had all the leverage to set terms.
  • Instead, he let Biden set the terms. Trump will be debating CNN, CBS, and Telemundo more than Biden. They won’t let Trump engage with Biden and will answer on behalf of Biden at every turn.

So I posted my added observations that the gentle readers of Liberty’s Torch have seen portions of before.

223 In what ways exactly has Trump demonstrated he’s not a member of the Uniparty? He’s disappointed normals so many times that this is a legitimate question. As it stands he’s been the ruling class’ solution to open rebellion (there remains very many not yet fallen who still have it too good) in that “just one more time and we will finally reestablish rule of law working and stability returned.”

Yeah sure. Ever since Trump arrived on the scene the one thing truly accomplished was making the TEA Party movement a distant memory. Who did THAT help most?

European aristocrats used to war against each other and it was the peons whose blood was shed. How is the antiTrumpian war any different?

Trump looks like the answer. And W looked like the answer to Gore and Kerry.

Hmm. Scripture says not to put our trust in idols. Just maybe forgetting that has been and remains the problem.

Many may dismiss this as if it’s a recommendation for a Biden vote. No, it’s a way of pointing out how many of us know that we haven’t really been provided a legitimate choice via ballot box. What? How can I say that? Well, let me add this for a reminder that the status quo has not changed and neither party has acknowledged it.

Neither party has rectified it by bringing the culprits to justice.


  1. The comments at Ace’s place are instructive.  Nearly every commenter assumes that the God Emperor has some grand strategy in mind that will mkae this TOTALLY BACKFIRE ON BIDEN.
    Personally, I don’t think that Trump is Uniparty. I just think he’s mostly bluster and bullshit, and when things got tough, he quailed.  When he got elected, instead of “draining the swamp,” he HIRED the swamp – look at his Cabinet appointments and other hires.  The only real Trump loyalist that got a good spot was Jeff Sessions, and Sessions couldn’t wait to stab him in the back.  No Kobach, no Arpaio.  When he found a spot for Omarosa in his administration, my jaw hit the floor – and that worthless POS stayed just long enough to cry racism and get material for a book – as anyone with common sense would have predicted.
    I think Donnie figure that he’d win, make some Tweets, give an order or two, and everyone would just do as he said.  It doesn’t work that way.  And in 2020, he completely bailed on his constituents.
    The problem is that for the True Trump Believers, you are either with him or agin’ him.  And if you’re agin’ him, you are an EVIL DEEP STATE NEVER TRUMPER. The reality is different.  Had Trump kept his promises from 2016, he’d have been the greatest President in our history.  He’s not.  He was a momentary interruption on our slide into national decay, and might have even accelerated that decay in certain ways.
    The excuse, of course, is that Trump was powerless to really do things in the face of Congress, the Republican Party, and the Deep State.  And yet the same people who spout that excuse also claim that, this time around, he’s going to be all-powerful and REALLY KICK ASS AND DESTROY THE DEEP STATE.  Nonsense.
    Trump is the architect of his own failures.  I call him President Tweet because that’s really all he did.

    1. “Personally, I don’t think that Trump is Uniparty. I just think he’s mostly bluster and bullshit, and when things got tough, he quailed. When he got elected, instead of “draining the swamp,” he HIRED the swamp – look at his Cabinet appointments and other hires. “

      If he’s not uniparty, then from what you say he was the next best thing — a useful idiot. Worst for us, he provided them motive to go full gaslight mode to ensure the growth of the state by systematizing a way to seat their choice for elective office. And appear to have gotten away with it “legally” (if John Eastman is overly optimistic that it’s not over yet.)

      They seem to be assuming that they can contain even thoughts of any 10th Amendment solution to them. So far their gamble has paid off.

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