“Nice Place You’ve Got Here…”

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I’m back from Hamvention, the biggest gathering of amateur radio enthusiasts in the world. It took me one day just to catch up on sleep, and get my brain functioning again. On Tuesday, our beloved pooch was at the groomers, and had a seizure. It’s the second one this year. He checked out fine, but we are to keep a log of his health from now on. On the positive side, the vet said there is no reason that he cannot live a healthy life for at least a few years. He seems fine, if a bit tired – the heat has been in the high 80s and low 90s. That’s not bad for some of you, but we live on the North Coast, and it’s usually much cooler this time of year.

Today is dedicated to working on the house, unpacking, and clearing up paperwork. And waiting for a delivery of my two new antennas. MFJ is going out of business, and there was a sale. There are good portable antenna, as well as being usable around home. Each is a single band – 20 and 40 meters. So, as soon as they arrive, I’ll have access to HF (distance contacts).

I can’t wait.

[UPDATE: It looks as though I will HAVE to wait. MFJ is slower to ship than Amazon. Which is not surprising – they manufacture on-site, rather than import from abroad and drop-ship to you.]