Good Post on According to Hoyt

It’s from 5/28, so not super new, but it’s quite interesting – the discussion is whether this is a planned breaking apart of America, or whether The Left is just blazingly incompetent. There has been a couple of days for the comments to pile up (they are always the best part of posts – her Horde is funny, intelligent, and worth reading). Towards the middle of the commenting, the topic starts to wander, but still worth reading.

I tend to lean towards incompetence; however, that quality can cause a lot of ruin.

CA’s Prop 209, which forces the state to stop using racial/ethnic/sex/other arbitrary divisions to discriminate. Gail Heriot is reporting that The Dogged Left is back into Yet Another Fight to Reimpose Mandatory Anti-White Agendas on the Peons. (YAFRMAWA). Maybe I should shorten that acronym to MAWA (Mandatory Anti-White Agendas), which covers the subject without excessive length.

Read the post, toss them a few bucks if you have it. Why? CA is Ground Zero. The Left debuts their nuttier ideas there, FIRST. If they manage to win, you better believe the rest of the country will feel the agony relatively soon in their backyard.

These tactics are Classic Left. I think the first time I’d heard about them was when I was just out of high school, and happened to read The Ugly American. Don’t bother watching the awful movie that was made of it, which completely turned the lessons of the book around.

In the book, one of the tactics of The Left was detailed. A few Leftists in a large crowd, through carefully choreographed moves, led them to provoke an outsized response from the government. The crowd was herded forward and back, to more and more actions, until the objectives were met.

From that crowd, potential recruits would be identified, participants would become radicalized, and the people, who had only gathered for a petition to their government, became used to having their actions controlled.

The real lesson of the book is that Leftists don’t just win because their ideas are so great – they are NOT. No, they win because their tactics are – at first – subtle, and cloaked in verbiage hiding their real intent.

The riots, protests, social media contagions, and carefully indoctrinated responses don’t just happen spontaneously. They have to be taught, over time. The Left has been at this for a very long time.

Over that time, under the guise of ‘meaningful Christianity’, they have twisted many of our institutions into apologists for The Left, if not outright allies with them. Catholic schools and many churches have been infiltrated by moles, who are not unleashing their venomous cult on our kids, and their mothers. Many of the fathers go along, although some have reservations. The former reputation for a solid education keeps the parishioners in line.

Same with public schools and other institutions. Frankly, removing taxpayer support of these failing institutions is just about our only recourse, whether that is by cutting taxes/budgets, or leaving the state entirely.

That, however, isn’t an option for Americans leaving their country (unless you’re a Childless/Childfree Retiree, partying on your retirement funds in sunny places), and enjoying the domestic services of underpaid 3rd World peons (Those darned American peons just will not show proper subservience!).