Screaming into the void

At least, I think that’s the metaphor I’m going for here. One screams into the void, and stares into the abyss, correct? I think that screaming into the abyss and staring into the void would be rather counter-productive.

While I was blessed to have sane parents who taught me good solid moral and ethical values, at some point my extended family became loonies. And I mean that. Whatever made my dad see reality for what it was, that experience didn’t effect his siblings in the same way. To the point where many of my aunts and uncles from my dad’s family are outright socialists.

And one of them is certifiably nuts. So that explains why she’s a socialist. But the rest? They should be somewhat normal and sane. Instead, I have to avoid talking politics with them for my mom’s sake, because the things I would say to their deluded pronouncements would get them all ganging up on mom, telling her that she needs to control her son.

Yeah. That’s the family interaction. They can’t shut me up, so they attack my mom.

I think about this quite a bit as I look around the country at the various political actions. To me, the corruption and graft of the government is plain to see, but that’s because I try to see what really is instead of what I want things to be. I’m not in a protected little bubble, cocooned with my MSLSD or Communist News Network. I don’t have a TV in my house, so I don’t have swaths of propaganda mouthpieces telling me what the DNC wants them to say.

As an aside, when you disconnect from your TV for a while, the propaganda gets easier to identify. Getting away from the deluge of state-approved talking points clears the mind and the air at the same time. Give it a try.

Back to my socialist family members. When I see that Biden still somehow has a 41% approval rating (or whatever it is) my first thought is “How in the hell can 41% of people be so fucking blind?” And then I remember my socialist family members, to whom the truth is but an inconvenience to their beliefs. From economics to the Kung Flu to World Affairs, these people literally don’t know anything. If it wasn’t said to them on their liberal news channel, they don’t have it. And since the media is nothing but a hive of progressive group-think and DNC propaganda, that’s what my family members consume and that’s what they “know”.

Expand that outwards. I’m sure you have family members like mine. I’m certain you know people like the ones I’m describing. Hell, take a look at the shithole Democrat cities like LA and Scat Fransicko. Those cities suck to live in. When I went to the funeral last month, I flew into Burbank and was staying with friends in Northridge, which is in the San Fernando Valley. I got another dose of the hell that I lived in for three and a half years while I did my recruiting duty, and I can tell you that it’s just gotten far worse from when I was there. But the average person living in LA thinks that everything is fine. The massive amounts of crime, the homeless drug addicts wandering the streets, having to lock every door every time you close it, the filth, the pollution…. they think everything is fine.

A fish doesn’t know that water is wet.

I know that a lot of people who come here are my age or older. So perhaps you can remember the time when you went to pump some gas. It was the type of gas pump that had an “on” switch on the side, and when you pulled up, you tripped that switch. That would cause the pump counter to roll to all zeros. You would pump your gas, and then go inside the gas station to pay. And I can remember when I was a kid, helping my dad pump gas, after we walked inside it was common for the gas station attendant to ask “How much did you pump?”

Think about the implications of that. The gas station attendant was relying on you to be honest enough to tell him what you owed him for the fuel. And in those days, people told the truth, and were honest enough for that system to work.

Any gas station that tried that system today would be broke and out of supplies within hours. Our society has fallen hard and fast, as it’s gotten more “diverse” and “inclusive”. We have a government that has become so tyrannical that if the Founding Fathers were brought back to life, they’d start stacking bodies in sheer disgust at what the republic they created had become. And we’re increasingly faced with a world that sees us as weak and pitiful, because thanks to the so-called leadership of Drooling Joe the Chinese Hand Puppet, we are weak and pitiful.

Putin made his moves when Obama and Drooling Joe were in control. Not when Trump was in control. Because Putin knew that both Obama and Drooling Joe (who’s controlled by Obama) are America-last spineless pieces of trash. Trump, for all his faults, put America first. Which is why the Swamp needed him gone.

And so I find myself screaming into the void quite a bit these days. Not that it does much good.

I’ve always stressed that you have to control what you can control. And so this weekend, I’m talking a young man shooting. Because I think that’s a skill that young men should cultivate. I’m also teaching him some cooking skills, although he has a fair amount of those already. Locally, we held the primaries up here and I voted for the most hard-core conservative candidates I could find. Some won, some lost. Sanity made some gains in the area. Again, controlling what I can control.

As for the national level, well… I think that Donald Trump will be cheated out of yet another election. The only question is if the level of fraud is going to be so blatant that normal people finally wake up and go “Nah, I’m not playing that game”. And if I can, I’ll be that voice telling them that the system was rigged, and they need to wake the hell up. Again, controlling what I can control.

In any case, I need more coffee, and my stream of consciousness has turned into a dribble rather than a stream. School is now over, so I’ll have more time, and hopefully more energy, to begin posting on the regular once more. Heck, maybe my mood might even improve!

But don’t count on it.


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  1. I screamed into the void once. Got an echo saying, “And so what do you REALLY think?”
    2025. Buy ammo. Hunker down.

    1. 2025? We need more optimism like that!

  2. And, all that is why I’m trying to think of the ‘prep’ activities I engage in as my recreation. Not watching TV, but working on learning about sending text and email messages without using the internet (with Winlink Express and other similar programs).
    But, that’s a LOT of work! Wouldn’t it be easier to just do it via the Official Internet?
    And, that is why it is so essential to learn about alternative communications technologies – AND to practice them.
    Because there WILL be a day when the internet doesn’t work. At all. And, when it is ‘restored’, it will be a crippled version, with a lot of constraints on what people are PERMITTED to do.
    Oh, it won’t affect their entertainment! They may have to pay for it, but it will be widely available.
    But, the ability to use the internet to plan/activate any Dissident or Rebellious activities?
    Forever, or at least, as the Russkies used to say, “Until the Revolution!”

  3. I just got back from a nieces graduation in Austin.  My kid sister used to be a flaming liberal,I think having kids has turned her around a bit.  She still is a kung flu believer but is no longer left thinking about everything else.
    Sadly, my brother’s daughter is so far left that I feel the little angel I knew and loved died around 2014 or so.  Across the board insane with it all. 
    Sad, but ya gotta roll with it.  Just avoid them at all costs.

  4. I don’t practice avoidance, but I do limit the time I spend with them. We have an unspoken agreement to stay away from potentially divisive topics for now.
    However, one of my grandchildren seems to enjoy making snide Leftist comments. I smile sweetly, and resolve to NEVER let him get his hands on my money after my death. Don’t want it pi$$ed away by Leftists.

  5. Yes, we had been limiting conversation to ‘puppies and rainbows’ until she came for my son’s wedding.  She sat at the kitchen table and told me she thought anyone not vaccinated should not be allowed in a hospital.
    I asked if that meant when my wife’s gall bladder blew up she should not have gone in? Yes, is she was vaccinated.
    The girl I knew is dead.

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