Another reason I support Public Execution

Anyone who’s read me for a while knows that my contempt for Mark Milley, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, is only exceeded by my contempt for Lloyd Austin. However, he might have just moved up to be shoulder-to-shoulder with Blue-Falcon Austin.

These Democrats grew anxious as over 140 House Republicans planned to contest the election results during the electoral college certification that day. Milley was then deeply engaged with a circle of confidants including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, among others—all of whom shared a unified disdain for President Donald Trump.

Mark Milley was working with the American Communist Party Democrats in the run-up to January 6th, 2021. He was calling his counterparts in China. He was preventing the National Guard from being deployed. He was bragging about how he was going to stop President Trump.

Mark Milley needs to be public executed. He needs to be stripped of his rank, and then stripped naked, and then hung. This needs to happen in front of the Pentagon. And then his body needs to be left hanging in front of the Pentagon until it falls to pieces, as a warning to all the other Marxist perfumed princes of the Puzzle Palace who might get the same ideas in their head as that traitor Mark Milley did.

Quite frankly, if we want a military that can actual win wars again, the entire flag officer corps needs to be removed and replaced. You don’t have to execute them all, although I’m certain that there are many of them who deserve such a fate. Every three and four star general needs to be retired immediately. And quite frankly, a good portion of the two and one stars as well. Replace them with people who actually care about the military being able to function, rather than the Marxist DEI bullshit artists we currently have.

Or, watch as our military continues to fall into disgrace. Which is what the Left wants. Which is entirely why people like Mark Milley and Lloyd “fuck the troops” Austin were put into their positions to begin with.


  1. Do the full Danny Deever. March them out in full dress uniform. Carefully and politely remove every medal, every ribbon, every badge, every button, anything that even hints at military service, leaving him standing in a rather drab looking suit. No hood, just the thirteen steps, drum roll, a long drop and a short shock.
    Pour encourages les autres

    1. The fact that you made that reference compels me to buy you a drink from now to whenever time ends.

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