Disallowed Pride (UPDATED)

     Pride Month! When all the freaks fly their flags boldly, even aggressively. But you know who’s not allowed to have pride? Heterosexuals:

     An Ohio news station employee was fired for posting a joke about “straight pride” in response to LGBTQ Pride Month in June.
     “Celebrate straight pride,” the post says. “It’s natural, it has worked for thousands of years, and you can make babies!”

     In Ohio, Gentle Reader. Not a coastal or “blue” state. Apparently it’s now offensive nationwide – to whom, you may ask? – to proclaim that you’re proud of being heterosexual.

     I suppose this was the next step. After all, whites are disallowed any pride. Now heterosexuals have been banned from proclaiming their pride. It’s been reserved exclusively for Negroes and the LGBTQ crowd: the demographics that are turning our cities and streets into “no go” zones.

     The years have defused for me many of the occasions and developments that once lit my boiler. Overall, that’s been for the best. But this is an outrage to which I refuse to grow accustomed.

     Please, those of you who have the means, post the following graphic wherever you can: fearlessly and unapologietically. If anyone, of any persuasion, gives you a hard time about it, tell him to go fuck himself. It’s the commonest insult now circulating, so you’ll be right in line with the trends – and we know how important it is to be “with the trends,” don’t we, Gentle Reader? Now excuse me; I plan to lie down in a dark room and wait for the steam to stop pouring out of my ears.

     UPDATE: I’ve just gone to Café Press and created men’s and women’s T-shirts that bear the graphic above. The links:

     Men’s T-Shirt

     Women’s T-Shirt

     If you want your country back, this sort of counter-protest is but a modest stroke. Feel free to join me. The more, the merrier…or the angrier. Maybe both.


    • txdobe on June 14, 2024 at 7:58 PM

    Someone at Cafe Press didn’t like your tshirts.  The page gives an 404.  Either you were censored or there’s a typo.  I suspect the former.  The freaks of society have taken over.  Love the graphic though!  And welcome back, Fran!!  We missed you.

  1. There are now so many instances of “inmates taking over the asylum,” at some point the stories that evoke that observation ought to have an appropriate keyword.

    IMTOTA perhaps.

    Only a few of us may know what that signifies, but it would serve as a way to retrieve all such instances when the time comes to demonstrate the need to reverse the insanity.

    BTW. I copied and posted your meme on FB with the following lede.

    Hey FB. It seems only fair that this ought to pass muster with you if you have any sense of fair play left in your organization.

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