Doing the crime that Americans won’t do

So, what illegal gangs are in your state courtesy of Drooling Joe and his open borders policies? Idaho has the Mexican cartels, and I can tell you that I see plenty of Mexicans running around my town in Northern Idaho. I’m not talking guys who speak English with a Hispanic accent, I’m talking no English at all groups of young men.

Looks like ISIS cells have been found in New York, Pennsylvania and California. Oh joy!

At this point the Cartels control the border, and they have for years. This was a huge problem when George W Bush was in office, and he did nothing about it. Every time the GOP has controlled Congress, they have done nothing about it. The Democrats want to import as many illegal aliens as possible to get more votes, so you know they won’t be shutting down the border any time soon.

It used to just be illegal aliens trying to get some work. Then came the drug smuggling. Then came the human smuggling. The sex slaves. This image is from May of 2023.

An 8 year old girl, raped AT LEAST 67 times. Any person who says we need open borders is supporting this. They support the rape of an eight year old girl, and they’re actively pursuing MORE rapes of eight year old girls.

That whole “Let families in?” crap from the Obama years? The Cartels started trafficking kids to be part of a “family”, and once the illegal aliens got into the USA the kids were taken back to Mexico to act as kids for the next “family”. Often times the kids were raped and abused the entire time by the Cartels and the “families”.

Let me repeat it in no uncertain terms. Anyone who supports an open border supports the trafficking and rape of children. And if you support that, you are evil. There is no grey area here. And that’s only a fraction of the crime coming across our border. That doesn’t take into consideration the Chinese, thousands upon thousands of whom are in our country illegally, for purposes unknown.

Anyone who supports an open border does not have America’s concerns first in mind. In fact, they’re actively working against it. You know it. I know it. And they know it. Don’t be coy about it. When you see someone who supports open borders, call them out for being the child-sex-slave-trading supporter that they are.