Those Who Forget History…

…will fall for the same old, tired tactics.

Up early, as usual. Did NOT walk the dog, just let him out in the backyard. Between the heat, and the poor air quality (likely related), I will not be outdoors much today. It’s just as well, I have a lot of office filing and tossing paper to do today.

It’s not even officially summer, but the summer vacation season seems to be racing along very quickly. My schedule for the rest of the month is packed, and July is filling up fast. My ideal day, mostly sitting on a recliner or lawn chair with a book/tablet and a cool glass of water, is likely NOT gonna happen.

I’m trying not to follow the news. Most of what is being reported – IF you believe the Leftists in charge – is indicative of urban riots, violent outbreaks, terrorist attacks by those unvetted Dreamers, and a meltdown of the country’s economy – if not the entire world.

I’m changing out my bookcase. I’ll be stocking it with spiritual reading, classic history, uplifting stories, and other means to calm my weary mind.

I’ll put the prepper stuff one of my go-bins.

For now, I chose to work on soothing my soul, and learning from history.