How It’s Done

     I’m not an X / Twitter user. I couldn’t confine myself to that few characters if I were merely saying hello to my mother. Moreover, most of what’s emitted there is fatuous or worse. But I must admit that from time to time some X type says something that’s both hilarious and illuminating. For example:

     Please click the X in the upper-right-hand corner and read the whole thing. If that doesn’t get you chuckling with its absurd evolutions, I hope that at least it delineates for you how the two-way Internet has facilitated lunacies of every kind. I can’t imagine how that increasingly vital chore could have been done better. (And no, I haven’t done a search for a “toaster fucker support group”…but I wouldn’t bet my house that there isn’t one.)

     There really is a downside to everything, isn’t there?

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  1. May I hope in future that you unearth more subjective examples of what I’ve laid out objectively?

    In my essay on the need to counter the social engineers’ primary force, the loud protests, I also brought into focus the second method they use to mold society to their liking: Induced Behavior.

    Just as we can build up a magnet by winding any ferro-magnetic material with wires and run a current through it, our enemy has been using media and education institutions to induce depravities in every human being. Our surroundings are soaking with every weird idea from minor aberrations to the vilest of cruelties.

    But not every human being is attracted to every depraved suggestion, just as aluminum and wood and glass won’t become magnets as iron does. But provide enough different aberrant suggestions, and the destroyers reap a huge build-up of outliers. Each one provides the insatiably power-mad wokesters an excuse to shout down even those who wish to protect the targets of the latest depravity.

    I ended that paragraph with “Do I really have to provide examples?”

    Thank you very much for this “Toaster-Fucker” representative for all lunacies that the social engineers provoke with their fomentations, fosterings, and ultimate elevations of select nutcases. Those are used as cannon fodder, providing the wokesters even minuscule classes for which they claim need special protections. All to gain them more power. Trampling the rights of anyone they choose. (Think of Judge Merchan on steroids. Or Stalin et al.)

    Dammitall: The hormone that a body produces when the anarcho-terrorists and the despots that protect them go too far.

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