Putting my money where my mouth is

No, this is not a rebuttal to Mr. Porretto’s post below. I think my response to that needs to be carefully considered, especially as he mentioned that these sorts of discussions tend to turn into arguments. I don’t need jot down a hasty response to a thought provoking post.

Instead, this is literally about money. Specifically, supporting those who support us in some form or fashion.

There have been a number of people talking about creating a “parallel economy”, one where the Left can’t cancel us and cost us our livelihood at the drop of screaming toddler’s hat. There are more than a few people who do what they do only because they receive the support of the community at large. Earlier this week I put my money where my mouth is and sent what I could to support them. One of them is Chris Muir of Day by Day Cartoon. Muir started out drawing editorial type cartoons mocking the Left, but in recent years has transitioned into more of a push, if you will, of getting people to contemplate what could actually be possible.

The other person I’ve sent money to is Ann Barnhardt. The Extreme Catholic. Her writing has been instrumental in more than a few “A-ha!” moments over the years, and she’s living proof that you can actually live out your convictions.

I wish I could say that I sent them enough to live comfortably for the next year, but the truth is I’m a retired guy currently on a fixed income, so I sent what I could. And that’s just fine. If a thousand people each just sent what they could, both Muir and Barnhardt would be able to go another year. More importantly, if there’s a creator out there who does something that you enjoy and draw benefit from, supporting them means they continue to create that benefit for you.

We on the Right seem to be notorious for wanting those content creators to be on our side, but horrible in supporting them. Let this be my plea for you to find someone who is creating something that you enjoy and benefit from, and support them. I tithe to a couple of churches that I attended throughout my military career, because those churches are run by good priests who do great work in the community. And while a secular donation can’t be considered a tithing, it’s still something that I think we on the right need to do more of. Support those who support you. Develop that parallel economy. Help our side become un-cancellable.

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  1. Thanks for reminding me. I gave to Ann already; Chris is one that I’ll have to dig out the physical checkbook for.

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