Surviving the Heat Wave and Other Disasters

It’s been brutal here in Ohio. Okay, not Iraq or other hellhole brutal – I’m not maneuvering around suspected IEDs – but terribly uncomfortable nonetheless. Keep in mind, most of us do NOT have homes or cars that are heat-tolerant (both are likelier to be dark in color, to absorb heat energy in the winter months). Our clothing is mostly for warmth, not to keep us cool.

Of course, our AC acted up this week. At first, we thought we might get away with a small repair.

No such luck. The unit is old, and MIGHT wheeze along for a while – or not. So there’s a guy coming out here today to talk about replacements, and costs. We’re going to compare the cost of another AC unit, versus the cost of a heat pump.

Also, there are pipes needing replaced, that extend from basement to roof. More Cha-Ching!

I’m particularly miserable because the air quality is bad today. It’s already causing asthma problems.

5 pm and I’m back from a short walk with my dog. He only made it a few houses down before he decided, “Nope!”, turned around and returned home. For him, the weather has to cooperate, or he will not continue his walk. To be fair, I’m the same. We both like our comfort. He has spent most of this hot day lounging around in front of the fan.

I received a mailer from Trump’s campaign committee. Apparently, he is merging the GOP committee with his organization. It’s probably on very favorable terms for him. He did come into the negotiations with a hand filled with aces. I will look it over, and may even toss a couple of bucks towards the warchest.

I’m gradually getting my office organized. I needed to go through a few boxes/bins, but I’m starting to see progress. My goal is to complete the two antennas either this evening, or more likely tomorrow morning. I’m always the first one up, and I can concentrate when it’s quiet. Cross your fingers, I may be able to get set up in time for a few contacts on Field Day. Here’s a link to what my local club is doing. I won’t be outdoors, though. The air quality is predicted to still be poor, and I’m not supposed to be in the sun much for now.

Here is the Field Day video from last year.

A friend of mine from college has a granddaughter who sells special handmade scented candles. I know, I know, most of you probably think of that as an overpriced, frou-frou waste of money. Trust me, most women LOVE them, and these are particularly beautiful, and well as with beautiful scents. The online shop is here. Below is the Cowboy Bourbon Candle. Victoria says her candles are made to last 80 hours, which – should you be otherwise in the dark – at least ensures you will be both able to manage the outage, and enjoy a nice smell, too.

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  1. Linda, just my 2 cents.  Here in Florida the heat pump has become the way to go.  Cheaper overall to run and it works year around.  We do have some hot and humid days (about 300 or so) so the cooling part goes without saying.  When it is cold however that is where this really shines.  We have 2 “mini-splits” in our 1100 sq ft home and are comfortable year around.   
    Probably the best part here is the efficiency.  Moving heat from one place to another – in or out is much more efficient than burning oil or gas.  Our electric bills run between 130 and 200 and we are all electric.  

  2. Gas here is cheaper than the savings from a heat pump. Also, the performance of the gadgets is better there, than in places with greater variation in temps – like the Great Lakes region.

  3. Plus, with frequent storms, snow, ice, and thunder, power can be in and out most years for at least a few hours, if not days.

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