Early Morning Thoughts

     Quoth Stephen Kruiser:

     Donald Trump is going to places where, according to traditional wisdom, he doesn’t have a chance. It’s the kind of fight we never see from most Republicans.
     Trump’s desire to fight where it matters is the reason that people who have delicate feelings about him should just shut the hell up and vote for the guy. He is out there trying to win an election that will save the Republic. I’m not a big existential crisis kind of guy, but we’re almost there, kids.
     The ultimate dream here is that Trump’s focus on winning an election will teach the Republican Party how the game works.

     That’s a very optimistic view. Optimism can be an obstacle when it clashes with observable reality. That may be the case here. The GOP has consistently shown a preference for being the opposition rather than the ruling party. Such consistency strongly implies that being the opposition gets the party and its elected officials what they want most.

     Trump can win, but can he change what his nominal co-partisans want? Could anyone?