What Now, Democrats?

     “The news is all bad, but it’s good for a laugh.” — Tom Paxton

     Well, it appears that the Democrats’ sub-threshold panic about their Maximum Leader has finally erupted in the public eye. All the debate conditions were slanted toward Biden. Every provision but one – the requirement that the debaters stand rather than sit – was crafted to palliate his weaknesses. He had favorable moderators who were ready to punch the Mute button whenever required, too. And none of it helped.

     As the saying goes: Stick a fork in him. He’s done.

     But then who? Is there a Democrat with a national profile who’s more admired than despised? I can’t name one. The Democrats’ “bench” is empty. Their “depth chart” is blank. The talk of running Michelle Obama, or (God help us) reviving the Corpse of Chappaqua is sufficient evidence of that. But it’s perfectly plain even to the left-wingers of our media that it cannot and must not be Biden atop the Democrats’ national ticket.

     So what do they do now? Fabricate an excuse for Barack Obama to run for a third term? FDR did it… before that pesky Twenty-Second Amendment was ratified. Do you think they could get that one repealed in time? And while we’re on the subject, wouldn’t it be rather a violation of the spirit of that Amendment for the spouse of a two-term president to hold the office? Spouses do talk to one another, don’t they?

     Too much has become too clear, including this:

It is implausible that he who holds the title of President of the United States is the one exercising the powers of that office.

     Whether it was Jill Biden or someone less well known who’s been steering the White House, we may be sure it hasn’t been old Joe. And that is scandalous enough to eject the Democrats from any vestige of federal power for several election cycles, at least.

     I’ll be back with further thoughts later.

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  1. This is the time, when dealing with the lefties you know who are just gobsmacked at how senile and feeble Drooling Joe is, to point out that they have been lied to. The people who told them that Drooling Joe was fit as a fiddle lied to them. The people who promised that Drooling Joe was up to the job lied to them. They have been lied to, over and over and over.

    What else have they been lied to about?

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