The Unanswerable Weapon

     Alinsky told us:

     Tucker Carlson is a national treasure.


  1. He has a rare ability to both speak the truth in plain and understandable terms (but, not talking down to his viewers), and to make us laugh with him.

    The ONLY question we should be asking is:

    If Joe is so deteriorated that he needs to be replaced (either RIGHT NOW, or as the Democratic Party candidate), then why didn’t you act earlier? Why didn’t you speak out? Why weren’t you willing to put the good of the country ahead of your ambition, or keeping your job?
    Why did it take PUBLICLY humiliating the President, and exposing our vulnerability to our foreign and domestic enemies, to force you to act?

    Any candidate who won’t answer for his/her actions, has just eliminated themselves from eligibility to serve in office – ANY office.

  2. When I provided a short history of the Praetorian Guard in this comment, in my memory was Mark Levin’s original phrase Praetorian Guard Media. And here we have Tucker laying it all out and telling us “and everybody knows” that they’ve been protecting him (Biden) but they won’t say it. Unspeakable.

    The media indeed plays a role on who is in and who is out. They build up and they tear down. But who is it that keeps funding them? Whoever they are, they do all they can to be as little known as possible.

    Meanwhile we are being destroyed by “free speech” because those unknown can pay for their speech to be platformed, and all we have are much smaller platforms. And we are subject to all sorts of limitations. It’s why I wrote my paean to speak out loudly. It was because when we voluntarily remain silent for whatever reason — fear, frustration, feeling small — we allow ourselves to be subjected into silence and let the loudest mouths ruin our life and all we hold dear.

    Destroying the Praetorian Guard Media one way or another would work for our sovereign nation as rebuilding the Praetorian Guard from scratch did for that Roman Emperor who I refuse to name. He is remembered enough. We are on the verge of excision.

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