You can replace Drooling Joe, but with who?

It’s not like any of the Democrats waiting in the wings are any more likeable or relatable than Drooling Joe. In many cases, they’re worse.

Among alternative candidates, no candidate performs significantly better than Biden against Trump in a head-to-head race, though more voters indicate they are “not sure” compared to the most well-known candidates.

The Democrat party is the American Communist Party, and the leaders of the American Communist Party are far-left radicals. And Americans can see that. Sure, Nancy Pelosi will always get the vote in a city where they hold random anonymous gay orgies and then blame Moneypox on not wearing masks or something like that, but that crap won’t fly in Kansas.

Or Missouri.

Hell, it doesn’t even fly outside of Scat Fransicko. There’s a reason Northern California wants to break off and join the State of Jefferson. Northern Cali is populated by mostly normal people, not the mentally diseased freaks and nutjobs that Scat Fransicko seems to attract.

There’s a hard line in this country, where normal people look at the leaders of the American Communist Party and just say no. Who do the Democrats think will beat Trump? Kamala Harris, the whore of Scat Fransicko? She couldn’t get 1% of voters in the 2020 Democrat primary. Even Democrats don’t like her. She’s completely unlikeable, and she has a voice that makes people want to jam ice picks into their ears. Buttigeig? He’s done such a shitty job as Transportation Secretary that people actually know who the Transportation Secretary is. He’s a diversity hire who is completely incompetent, and it shows. Booker is a radical New Jersey nutjob. Newsome runs a state filled with used drug needles and feces maps. He faced recall in California, and I’m certain the only reason he wasn’t recalled was because of ballot harvesting *cough*voterfraud*cough*.

Witless Whitmer is a botoxed ghoul who had to use the FBI to make up a fake kidnapping plot in order to garner sympathy. Klobuchar is a harpy who, like Harris, abuses the people around her until they leave. Shapiro might have a chance, but he’s still done nothing of note, and Pritzker is a fat fuck from Crooked County, who if he didn’t pay off the mob bosses in Chicago wouldn’t have a chance in hell of ever seeing any elected seat.

Seriously. Name one Democrat with national name recognition who has ANY kind of record that normal people might vote for.

This is the end result of Bath-house Barry Obumblefuck, by the way. That commie agitator couldn’t stand to have anyone who might oppose him or steal his spotlight, and so he got rid of anyone who might do so. When Bath-house Barry left the White House, there was nobody but Hillary. The bench was wiped clear. The Clintons owned the DNC, and Bath-house Barry did away with any possible opposition to himself, the lightbringer, the lord, god, king and messiah to all the anti-American communists round the country.

The wages of sin is death. When you worship a mortal, as the Democrat party worships Bath-house Barry, bad things tend to happen.

Now, I have no doubt that the American Communist Party is already working on their next election fraud scheme. It’s the only way they win. It’s the only way the CAN win, given that the normal people in this country don’t want to be led by mentally diseased freaks and other low-IQ tyrants. The only question is, can we beat the margin of fraud. Will the DNC have to be blatant enough that people wake up to it? And what comes after that?

Buy more ammo.


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  1. Here’s a fun little fact: Since the founding of the Republican Party, just before the Civil War, there has never been a Democrat elected to replace an incumbent Democrat in the White House. The only Democrats back-to-back were because of the death of the sitting (Democrat) President and replacement with his (Democrat) VP (FDR –> Truman, JFK –> LBJ).

  2. It’s been a very long time since the phrase Dark Horse Candidate was uttered. (Our current Speaker in large part was one, but only to the public, not so much the GOP House delegation.) Probably the reason for that is it seems name recognition has became the primary requirement to be a candidate, substantive value takes some ridiculously low priority.

    Kind of like the loss of merit in all other walks of life in all of Western society.

  3. Pascal – I would argue that the election of Donald Trump (and his possible re-election) are less about his name, and more about the fact that GOP voting base loathes the GOP establishment, and they’re voting for whoever won’t stab them in the back. Everybody knows Mitch McConnell is corrupt and only cares about himself. Paul Ryan is exposed as a turncoat of the highest order. The less we say about John Boehner the better. Election after election, the people running the GOP refuse to listen to the actual GOP voters. And so, you get Donald Trump, the wrecking ball. His substantive values didn’t matter, because his job was to tip the applecart over and watch the rats scurry.

    I have a feeling that whoever comes after Trump is going to have a much more difficult time, because those values are going to start taking priority again.

    1. Yours is a reasonable assessment for the GOP. Trump was and is voters’ response to the GOPe.

      I was thinking of the Dumbs. Were the Dems not so dominated by know-nothings, they might indeed be able to come up with a viable Dark Horse. The concept is lost to them, and I think that is primarily because the Obama machine cannot trust an unknown as their safety is paramount to them. There are a host of people who’d love to settle the score. One of them is named Clinton.

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