Look East To Glimpse The West’s Future

     France has just held its “first round” parliamentary elections, and the results look very, very bad for the governing coalition headed by President Emanuel Macron. But my sympathies this morning aren’t for him and his ilk; rather, I’m worried for the common French citizen:

     The far Left is very strong in France. Ordinary citizens, most of whom are at least mildly sympathetic toward the Macron coalition, will find their lives disrupted by the chaos that has just begun. The National Rally (le Pen) will have a tough time persuading the citizenry that after they and the more traditional French Right form a coalition government – a longshot bet, as it is – all will be well. And so Mark Steyn’s observation is relevant yet again:

     If it were just terrorists bombing buildings and public transit, it would be easier; even the feeblest Eurowimp jurisdiction is obliged to act when the street is piled with corpses. But there’s an old technique well understood by the smarter bullies. If you want to break a man, don’t attack him head on, don’t brutalize him; pain and torture can awaken a stubborn resistance in all but the weakest. But just make him slightly uncomfortable, disrupt his life at the margin, and he’ll look for the easiest path to re-normalization. There are fellows rampaging through the streets because of some cartoons? Why, surely the most painless solution would be if we all agreed not to publish such cartoons. [From Mark Steyn’s America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It]

     If the Left can “restrain” itself to “mere” vandalism and looting, it has a good chance of “persuading” French voters to retreat from the rising populism of recent years and reaffirm the Macron coalition. If the rioting goes further, then we shall see whether the body count awakens the spines of the French people. But all of that is really peripheral to what’s on my mind just now…

     Do you remember the 2017 inauguration of Donald Trump? Do you remember what happened in Washington, D.C. that day? The “vagina costumes” were the mildest part of it; Antifa and Black Bloc completely disrupted the city that day and for several days afterward.

     Look to France for what will most likely follow the restoration of Donald Trump to the White House. And – drum roll, please – buy ammo.


    • jwm on July 1, 2024 at 8:23 AM

    Antifa was imported here from Europe. My theory is that  the “protests” from Occupy (remember them?) were astroturfed by the obama administration as recruitment, and training centers. Those camps drew in the  losers, lowlifes, and very useful criminals we saw rioting in the summer of Fenatanyl Floyd. We’ll see them again very soon.

    My recommendations for dealing with them would get me kicked off the internet.



  1. I truly wish that Mark Steyn had taken the reins of Rush Limbaugh’s show.  Clay & Buck are boring and I grow tired of Clay’s gambling tripe and on and on.  Steyn is funny, brilliant and so on target.  We no longer have an intelligent, funny talk leader in the business.  Steve Bannon is brilliant but alas, not funny.  Humor is extremely powerful when it actually is FUNNY.



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