Life is Good

I just returned from the doctor’s office this afternoon. I had seen my rheumatologist, because I had been experiencing pain and instability in my left knee.

The bad news:

Other than steroids, gel injection, or surgery, not much could be done at this time

The good news:

Although I have essentially no cartilage left, I’m considered to be doing well at this point. The pain and inflammation are manageable with generic drugs, the bone twisting is minimal, and I am able to get around with relative ease (compared to many).

At my age, my mother had been dead for 7 years. Other than mild asthma, I’m fairly healthy.

With the assists of canes, hearing aids, and glasses, I am functional and can perform most of the activities I want with little difficulty. True, hiking up hills is NOT an option, nor are long walks, on the beach or otherwise.

Getting old is a privilege denied to many. Enjoy it.