Not so modern problems require not so modern solutions

Yesterday, our host remarked on the sheer number of non-French flags that were flying at the riots in France over the election results. Note that the riots were in Paris, which of course is kind of like the Scat Fransicko of France, being full of freaks, communists and illegal aliens.

Today, Kim du Toit remarks on the various riots going on over there, and quotes one of said rioters: “A Dead Cop is one less vote for Le Pen”. As Mr. du Toit remarks, that combines support for lawlessness with political terrorism in one pithy sentence

As for me, I see massive crowds of rioting communists and various other forms of human filth who refuse to accept the results of a valid election, and my brain comes up with solutions. But since we’re dealing with something that isn’t modern, we don’t need to recreate the wheel, so to speak.

I’m thinking of something like a crossbow. A solid plank of wood, with a four-inch PVC pipe mounted perpendicular. I’m thinking the pipe would have to be cut in half. At the edges of the plank are hooks for the surgical tubing to be attached, and in the middle of the tubing would be a leather pad. In short, you make a very large sling-shot, one that could be carried by men, or mounted into/on top of a small vehicle. For ammunition, Molotov cocktails. The pipe would be your directional aiming device as well as the guide for the bottles.

You don’t really need to be accurate when the godless anti-democratic communists gather in such large numbers. And I’m certain that engineers or various other crafters could and would refine the design to be more accurate.

If one dead cop is one less vote for Le Pen, then one dead communist is one less vote for evil.

Not very Christian of me? Remember that the Church used to have martial orders of monks. God gave his angels weapons because he knows you cannot fight evil with words alone.

I wonder, how much more masculine virtue would the Church possess if there were an order of monks who’s entire job was to train, with any and every weapon you could think of, to defend the Church, both at large, and at the smaller parish level? Something like The Heretics of St. Possenti. An order founded not on closeting yourself away from the world, but revolving around defending your piece of it.

Anyways, this is all just a very long-winded way to say that when I see crowds of communists rioting and burning things, at this point my brain turns to Molotov cocktails launched from a distance. If they’re going to burn this country down like they did in 2020, then let’s really turn up the heat and make sure we can identify their corpses by the burn marks.