Providing The Decent Reason To Speak Up — Continued

My attempts to embed the one minute clip (31-32 minutes of the embedded video at the bottom) would not take. I suggest clicking the link below this paragraph so you don’t need to search for it.

What Eric Kaufmann, a rare conservative social scientist, concludes at the end of that minute provides readers who come to Liberty’s Torch further reason to put into your own words what Fran has painstakingly presented to us, and what you yourself have added to it.

Here is the auto generated transcript (with some editing) of that one minute.

The question [We] asked to hundreds of thousands of British uh respondents on its panels: Do you favor political correctness because it protects people from discrimination or do you oppose political correctness because it stifles free speech?

No. In the British public it’s sort of 47 to 37 against political correctness.

Amongst academics it’s maybe 75:20 in favor among social science humanities academics.

Young people take after that. They’re about two to one in favor of political correctness.

And what I would sort of predict is if we run the clock forward 20 years the median in society is going to shift from essentially being opposed to political correctness to being supportive of political correctness.

So something like speech codes for example in universities will have majority support.

And so I think we really have to turn this ship around while we still have a sensible population [That’s YOU gentle reader] because we can’t guarantee that that’s always going to be the case.

And so that’s why I think the schools changing the culture in schools has to be so central.