Questions Not Asked Frequently Enough

     I just stumbled over this at Mike Miles’s place, and it got me thinking about such questions generally:

     Yes, why? The majority of Muslim immigrants to the United States and other First World countries are from places where Islam is dominant – in most cases, it’s the law. Other religions are either discouraged, oppressed, or outright illegal there. Muslims harass and victimize Christians in particular, usually with impunity. They often make unfounded accusations specifically to justify imprisoning or executing Christians in those lands. So why come here?

     There’s a range of plausible answers, to be sure. But one thing is clear: Islamic immigration to non-Islamic, First World countries cannot be from an unsatisfied desire to be among Muslims.

     (Does anyone have any statistics about Islamic migration from the migrants’ birth nations to other Islamic nations? Such figures would tell us a great deal, wouldn’t they? But as with the question Katie Hopkins poses, those numbers aren’t in the public discourse, at least as far as I’m aware.)

     Here’s another along the same lines: How often do avowed socialists migrate from capitalist countries to socialist ones? American socialists are notable for remaining here rather than heading to where the economic systems they advocate are in force. Along with that, there’s a net population flow from socialist states to capitalist ones, most pertinently to the U.S. It’s a significant part of what’s going on at our southern border right this moment.

     One more: The advocates of socialized medicine, which is found even in many otherwise capitalist countries, are seldom asked why the sufferers of serious diseases for which prompt treatment is critical, tend to travel to countries where they can purchase the needed treatments rather than wait until their “national health service” can get around to them. Why don’t the opponents of socialized medicine task its advocates with that question far more frequently and publicly? Is there something shameful about the decision to go to a “capitalist doctor” rather than wait until your cancer has claimed your life?

     Of course, questions that aren’t publicly asked won’t be publicly answered. The usual reason such questions are not asked is that the most likely answers – the ones the public is most likely to believe – are uncomfortable. Troubling. Perhaps even an incitement to civil unrest.

     The answers also tend to undermine the positions of powerful men who want still more power. Power over public safety. Power over the material conditions of private citizens. Power over the health and longevity of private citizens. For the answers force us to ask still more troubling questions of those powerful men.

     Sincere believers in Islam, socialism, government-controlled health care, and so on do exist. But so do persons avid for other possibilities. The latter group often exploits the former as “cover.” That’s especially the case when those other possibilities include the enlargement of the latter group’s power and wealth.

     Just a quick reflection on the ancient question Cui bono? We may think we ask it often enough. We’re surely wrong about that. And we tend to discover how wrong we’ve been in very unpleasant ways. Verbum sat sapienti.


    • jwm on July 6, 2024 at 10:17 AM

    moslems do not immigrate, they colonize. They spread their vile faith by deceit, until they can drop the veil, and impose it by force. They do not come here to become Americans, and adopt our culture. They come here to subvert it.

      • SteveF on July 7, 2024 at 8:21 AM

      Whenever the navy or coast guard of a European nation sees a “raft” heading to Europe from Africa or Asia, they should do a quick headcount. If more than a third of the occupants are military-age men, they’re not refugees, they’re an invading army. Shoot them out of the water. Likewise for rafts headed to the UK from the European mainland. Likewise for rafts headed to the US.

      The situation is more complicated for the US’s southern border because of the number of sex slaves being brought in, but shooting (or, better, crucifying) all men not accompanied by children genetically related to them should do the trick.

    • SteveF on July 7, 2024 at 8:15 AM

    Just asking those questions makes you an istaphobigot, you bad person!

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